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  • HgPaHgPa
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    Thanks ladies!

    @Stankonia2014 It's funny you say that - I was so uncomfortable yesterday! I couldn't be mad because I was so relieved, but he was hurting me a little.

    @MithK I've started counting. It actually helps me feel in control and less anxious. I hope that's the case for you too!

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    @alm52386 I love the name Chloe!
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  • Felt baby hiccups a few days ago!  Such a strange sensation.
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  • Baby movements at times are to the point where I can just look at my stomach and see it moving. Crazy. 
    Same here!!! I still can't get over it! 
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  • Do you guys use an app of some sort for counting kicks?

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  • @danijo I haven't started counting yet but when I do I'll be using the kick counter on the Ovia app. 

    LO hasn't been kicking much for DH for the past few days. Well, I guess this morning she needed to show how big her kicks have gotten so he got some real strong ones and was promptly weirded out.  :D
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  • @meilay Awesome! I already use that app for other things - just didn't realize they had a kick counter!

    Baby had his first hiccups yesterday! He stopped right when DH tried to feel.
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  • Do y'all think if I feel movements really down low that she is still breech?  Like is it her feet moving?
  • @lmudra I had an ultrasound on Monday and baby was head down and during the couple hours before and after I was feeling movements way low. Could be baby's arms.
  • With DS I felt low movement until he was born and he was never breech. Apparently he liked his hands up near his face and to punch me in the cervix.
  • I feel most big movements to the right side and small ones to the left, so I think baby is still sideways, but I also just hit 24w a few days ago so I think that's still normal. I guess my midwife will tell me next week at my appointment. 
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  • I'm pretty sure this LO is still transverse (he was at my A/S). I can distinctly feel feet in my right side. DS was (and stayed) head down by this point. Oh well, he still has plenty of time to turn. 
  • My last was breech and I never felt movements low.  I did feel significant pressure on one hip which ended up being his butt (he was frank breech fwiw).  This time baby is head down and the bladder pressure is OUT OF THIS WORLD.
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    I keep feeling like pressure on my rectum if that makes sense? What could that be? Just kicking?
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  • It's so wild to experience the movements change. Like many of you, I'm noticing LO more active on some days than others.  @soontobemrsdavis also having the experience of pushing back to baby's movements and getting reciprocal push back, so cute!  @ladylolly89 I think my LO is also transverse with his/her head on my right side.  MW thought so last Friday too.  The head feels very obvious! Hope they turn!
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  • @lmdura with DD they found that she was breech at a 26w scan that I had because my fundal height was like 3 weeks off (which turned out to be bc she was breech and all balled up).  I had anterior placenta that was pretty centrally located, but I remember thinking "oh I guess that's why I feel the strongest movements down's her legs."


    She had flipped by the time I had a follow up scan at 36 weeks.  I remember thinking "that also makes sense" because I could feel something constantly jammed up in my ribs and most kicking was all on one side...turns out that something was her butt and the kicking was on one side because that's where her legs landed.  I was a breech baby and my head was jammed up under my mom's ribs so I came out with a dented head...I thought that was possible too but fortunately it was not the case for me.

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  • Baby has gotten much stronger over the last week or two. Anyone else feel a little nauseous when there's a big kick? It's just during the kick then goes away.
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  • @danijo I don't get nauseous but I feel kind of similar to when someone touches me unexpectedly. Almost like I go on guard and then relax again. It's happening less as I get used to the bigger movements. 

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  • @danijo a little, more like I'm on a roller coaster.
  • Is there such thing as too much movement? This LO has literally been moving all day today. 
  • HgPaHgPa
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    @danijo The sensation has definitely changed over the last week or so. I think he's kicking me right in sensitive organs sometimes, and it makes me sit up and do a double take.
  • Good.. sounds like it's pretty normal then. I'm sure I will get used to it.

    @graceriesz I was also wondering this. There's tons of info on not enough movement but I haven't found much on too much movement.
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  • Whoa, last night baby must have done a major position change, which is weird because my midwife just told me yesterday which position baby was in based on where I've been feeling all the movement in the past few weeks.

    It was the weirdest feeling, much longer lasting and more "alien" than anything else I've felt so far. And now this morning whatever movements are happening on the right side of my belly feel 2 or 3x as strong as before and are hugely noticeable even looking from the outside! 
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  • I've had a lot of stronger movements and movements that can be seen from the outside. DH is enjoying them more now that he doesn't have to be so patient. Tonight he said, "baby is really pushing against my hand!" The baby is moving like crazy right now but DH went to sleep. I'll have to wait for baby to settle down before I get any sleep.

  • @danijo I asked my doctor today about too much movement, and she said there wasn't such a thing. We just have squirmy babies! 
  • @graceriesz That's good to know! I guess I will just be happy with the added relief that everything is OK in there then - and also hope he calms down a little when he arrives. :)
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  • @danijo @graceriesz ..... baby is so much stronger these days! Also..... is there a such thing as sleep training a baby in utero?? Little jerk likes to have parties in there while I'm sleeping!
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  • DH decided today to try blowing raspberries on my stomach to get a response from baby and (unfortunately for me) it seemed to work. So now its going to be his favourite thing to try to do everyday in order to feel kicking, even though it happens enough already without any encouragement. Sure it's cute but it also tickles me! 
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  • The baby was performing a circus act last night. My husband and I were watching from the outside for a good ten minutes. I don't remember this much movement ever with my DD. 
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