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Monday B!tchfest - 3/20

Ok, ladies.  What's got your panties in a bunch today?  Let's hear those complaints! 

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Re: Monday B!tchfest - 3/20

  • I STILL have not gotten observed. It's torture waiting. I'm on my A game everyday regardless, but it's so much easier to teach without wondering if she's going to darken my doorway. 
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  • My husband was away this weekend for a Guys Weekend with some friends that he doesn't get to see all that often... But before he left on Friday, he found out that work was sending him out of town all this week. So I saw him for 4 hours on Sunday when he got back and then he had to pack and leave, and I won't see him again until Friday! (We are newlyweds and I have a hard time sleeping alone.)  :(
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  • Haha @ashley1153 That sounds wonderful to me! Sometimes I love getting a nice break :)
    But we've been married for about 5 years and together for 11, so that could be why lol

    @Tennis11785 Do you guys have good public transportation where you live?  That's frustrating having to rely on uber all the time. Why doesn't he ever leave you the car?  I mean, just waiting for a good sale at VW or Honda would be a good idea and finding something really economical.  Maybe even a lease?  Or a zip car!  Sorry, I'm thinking as I type :)
  • @Tennis11785 I'm kind of with @BreezyBee on this one. Maybe your plan before had been to wait until you had a baby but, things change and plans change. I think that you could either look into getting a super cheap (like HS student-style) car for now that will let you go do your thing, and that kind would save you on insurance because you could just pay the minimum for insurance, or start watching for a great sale. The good thing about where you're at now is that you have time to shop. You aren't in a crunch and can wait until a great opportunity comes along. 
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  • TW*********

    Guess who gets to plan a baby shower at work? Yup, this girl. Thankfully it's this Friday so at least it's almost over but I was basically crying going over last minute stuff today. I really, really like my coworker. We are SUPER close to being outside of work friends (I am a transplant and don't have many friends where I live now so this is a big deal for me as an introvert lol). But she has been complaining about nearly everything her entire pregnancy. Not just getting bigger and being uncomfortable, but EVERYTHING - and especially money (not being able to afford daycare for their planned second child - they already have one so are not unfamiliar with the costs??). I have been TTC throughout her entire pregnancy (before she even POAS) and have had two losses, both of which she is aware. I'm fine with people bitching about the mundane but know your fucking audience!! I am super going to love going to BBB on Wednesday to buy the group gifts. Ughhhhh this shower could not be more poorly timed. TMI --- but at least my bleeding has stopped.

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  • @Tennis11785 gahhhh that would be so annoying!! I don't even hardly go anywhere besides work but when our car was in the shop I felt so trapped I hated it. Is dropping DH off an option? Then he would just have a one-way Uber if your e busy at pick-up time. Also, I know nothing about leasing cars but I ALWAYS hear things for those little hamster commercial cars - Kia Souls I think? - leasing for stupid cheap. Not sure if that would be a short term (1 year lease?) kind of a solution.

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  • @flowerpower5838 I'm so sorry you're dealing with that right now; that's miserable.  People can be so thoughtless.
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  • @flowerpower5838 I'm so sorry that you have to deal with that!  I hope the shower itself is fairly painless and is over quickly.  If nothing else, at least you'll get cake!

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  • @Tennis11785, ugh, that's so annoying. I totally agree with everything PPs have said.

    @flowerpower5838, hugs girl. I'm also getting frustrated with seeing people "lap" me with regards to pregnancy, and I haven't had to deal with planning a shower. I'm living in fear that my SIL is going to announce a pregnancy now that my niece is 1, which is ridiculously selfish on my part since she's AMA anyways, but it's just not fair. Try to focus your energy on happy thoughts for her.

    My MBF is just that I'm trying to prep 2or 3 people's work for the week all in one day, on top of other meetings and lab work. This conference in headed to is really screwing things up. So while I should be catching up on my lunch hour, I decided to say screw it and get some bump time in! And people just want to chit chat with me while I'm trying to get work done. I need a sign around my neck or something for when I need to concentrate. Or my own office. That would be nice.

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  • Tennis11785- I cannot imagine sharing a car. I lose my mind when one is being worked on. Hope you and YH can work out a solution.

    flowerpower5838- So so sorry that you have to go through this. *TW* One of my managers that I can’t stand is KU and it was not planned. It’s a girl and all you hear her talk about is how she wanted a boy. But we are starting to plan a shower for her and I am not excited. I think I will buy her all boy stuff....

    It’s not really a b*tchfest but….I took my dog for a walk and walked past a house that was recently sold so the people living in the house I have not met yet. There was a cute little cat in the front yard that tried to walk toward me and then stopped. I realized it was hooked up to a cable. Like one that you would hook a dog up to. I found it completely bizarre. Made me super curious about these new neighbors. They are either awesome or extremely weird.
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  • @jsnakehole That sucks! I hate being observed. I don't think I'll ever get used to it. I currently have feedback from my last formal observation just sitting in my inbox becasue I'm afraid to look at it. I love my principal, and she never says anything bad, so it's totally irrational. I'd be so annoyed. 
    @flowerpower5838 So sorry you have to do all that. I hope it comes and goes quickly, so that you can be done with it. 

    My MBF is that my coworker who is not currently trying, but plans to be soon said something really, really offensive about only wanting a boy when she gets KU. It was bad enough that I'm not sure I can post it here even with a trigger warning, so I won't. I wanted to punch her. She said it directly in front of another coworker who has been openly struggling for years. I know she was joking, but seriously?? 
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