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have any of you LOs started eating lettuce? We had soft tacos tonight and DH gave LO some in small pieces and I was worried sick about him choking. He seems ok. He is almost 17 months and mostly chews with his front teeth. Is this too young for lettuce? I've heard it can be a choking hazard that's why I was worried. 

Any advice would be great! 

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  • Hi! Nice to see you around the board! 

    Hmm, I think if it's a choking hazard and your LO doesn't have molars to grind it, I would say wait... I think you can get similar nutrients from other foods (or just better nutrients, if it's iceberg lettuce it's mostly water anyway). My son hates the small bites of lettuce we've given him!
  • Hi! You too! Hope you're doing well!

    He did ok with it. Mostly spit it out. Haha. But he ate a couple pieces once his daddy ate some. I don't think we will give him any unless he asks for it while I'm having some. 
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  • It's hit or miss. A few times lettuce was great and the last time he choked and spit it out.
  • My daughter loves lettuce/salad.  I cut it in very small pieces.  
  • I can't have a salad without my LO stealing the crunchy pieces of lettuce
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