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Sibling name for Eli

My 17 month old is Eli Raymond (Middle name is a family name)

Our last name starts with R and is spanish

The names we like are:

Middle name would be a family name and would be either:

Re: Sibling name for Eli

  • It is harder this time around because there were not many boy names we could agree on and now we need something that sounds pretty good with Eli
  • I don't love any of them, but there isn't anything wrong with any of them. I like Caleb best, maybe Caleb Mark or Caleb Joseph?  

    Is Nicholas nn Cole any option? 
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  • I never thought of Cole being a nn for Nicholas.  Nick always came to mind....
  • Everett is my favorite from your list!
    Everett Nathan
    Everett Joseph

    I have an Isaac and if May baby is a boy, he will be Micah. (I'm trying to keep with the 'long I' theme.) Eli is on my short list for a hypothetical third boy. 
  • We talked about Isaac, too. I think in the end we decided against it, but I do like it!  Eli is a great name ;)
  • I just wasn't sure about the name Everett with the strong R sound and then the R last name...
  • Cole Joseph*
    Cole Nathan

    Caleb Joseph
    Caleb Nathan
    Caleb Mark

    Everett Joseph
    Everett Nathan
    Everett Mark

    Cole Joseph sounds the best to me. I really like Everett, but don't love repeating the first initial plus it seems to be gaining in popularity based on these boards. Caleb I like but don't love.
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  • Another vote for Cole Joseph!
  • I like Caleb Joseph best.
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  • Eric Joseph
    Tyson Mark
    Nicholas Mark nn Cole
  • I seriously never thought of the nn Cole from Nicholas, but now two people have mentioned it!

    With Everett I do not like the nn Rhett. 
  • I wouldn't use Everett with Eli, but only because I have a crazy rule about not having the same first initial for two kids. It's a great name. I like Cole the best out of your choices.


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  • I love Nathan as a FN, Eli & Nate = a cute sibset 

    out of the other choices, Cole gets my vote. Cole Joseph sounds nice!
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  • My hùsband also like Nathan as a first name. I like it better as a middle. 
  • I think Cole is way too "new" to pair with Eli, a very old, Biblical name. I like Everett, but not with Eli. Caleb works better than both of them, imo. Caleb Joseph is very nice. I also like Wyatt as a brother for Eli. 
  • I like Cole Joseph the best out of your options.

    I have an Eli Joseph and little brother is Samuel Alexander.:)

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