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Third Time Mamas... stop & start labor? uncontrollable shaking?

38 weeks tomorrow with my third. Lost mucus plug last week, have had spotting for the past week, and three nights ago I woke up from strong, consistent contractions and lots of pressure around what I assume was my cervix. This was all accompanied by some random uncontrollable shaking for 15-20 minutes, started in my upper, inner thighs and quickly moved to my entire body. Really freaked me out... I wasn't cold or feverish or anything. I could have sworn I was going into labor by everything I was feeling & comparing that to my first two labors, but after the shaking stopped I waited to see if the contractions would get as painful as they did when I went into hospital with my second -- never got as painful so I didn't call, tried to go back to sleep and see if it progressed but they tapered off by mid-morning. Been having strong contractions that come and go ever since, more than braxton hicks but haven't really progressed into anything. My midwife told me that with third and subsequent pregnancies labor tends to stop and start... a slow progression and then faster delivery. Anyone experience contractions with uncontrollable shaking? Third time (or beyond) mamas... is this the stop and start labor my midwife was talking about? Anyone else having similar experiences?
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Re: Third Time Mamas... stop & start labor? uncontrollable shaking?

  • This is my third and I'm 29 weeks now, but I haven't experienced anything like what you have explained so far. Did you time the contractions? If so were they regular and how far apart did they get?
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