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Placental Abruptions and Lovenox

Hello! A bit of history first:
Pregnancy #1 - Heavy bleeding starting at 16 weeks, placental abruption at 22w6d, loss of DD. 
Pregnancy #2 - On progesterone. Bleeding started at 25w4d, hospital bed rest for 5 weeks, placental abruption at 30w4d, DS spent 6.5 weeks in NICU but is a healthy 2 year old now.

I am now on pregnancy #3, 5w2d, and with a different doctor. I've been taking baby aspirin for months, and started progesterone the day after the BFP. We ran all of the tests we could, I saw a hematologist and genetic counselor, and basically nothing is clearly wrong, as in no clotting disorders. But both the hematologist and my OB agreed that I should be on Lovenox for the pregnancy. The problem is, my insurance has denied it at least once, possibly twice already. I talked to my doctor today and he said he is giving more details, clarifying that two doctors are recommending this, and he said he will "resubmit every 3 seconds if I need to." But I'm wondering if anyone has had issues like this, and what they did in the meantime. I have my first appointment on Monday (3.13), so I am going to really push for either samples of Lovenox or Heparin, or a prescription for Heparin in the meantime. I just feel like this is my cure for my pregnancy issues, and I need to start taking it before the placenta gets too developed. Any advice or experience is more than welcome!
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About me:
29 y/o
Married 6.26.11
BFP 12.23.13, EDD 9.2.14 - baby girl, born too soon at 22w6d due to a placental abruption on 5.5.14
BFP 8.4.14, EDD 4.15.15 - rainbow son, born at 30w4d due to a placental abruption on 2.8.15, healthy 3 y/o now!
BFP 2.28.17, EDD 11.8.17 - baby girl, miscarried at 11 weeks on 4.21.17
BFP 11.28.17, EDD 8.8.18, delivering in July - another rainbow baby boy!

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Re: Placental Abruptions and Lovenox

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    @elsiemoocow I had my loss much earlier than you did, at almost 8 weeks. But I do have a blood disorder. I was diagnosed with Von willebrand's at 19 and had BW done when 5.5 weeks pregnant due to bloody noses. Eight of them came back slightly abnormal, but the doc didn't check until I called... *TW* and then I had my MC a couple of weeks later. I had an ultrasound to check on the bleeding and they couldn't find a cause. They were even optimistic, but I wasn't because it was measuring almost two weeks behind. I did have pretty bad contractions that night and baby came out with the placenta attached two days later. */TW* Now I need to get my repeated loss panel redone next Saturday. The docs weren't going to do anything until that was done, but I got my BFP before that. If it comes back that I have antiphospolipid syndrome, then they will also add in Lovenox. Good luck! Hoping the best for us on Nov. 17!
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