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Transitioning to New Daycare

We are transitioning my 2 year old son into a new daycare's not going well.

His previous daycare was a home daycare that closed suddenly. He has been going there from 8 weeks old and is all he knew. It was small & cozy and he really loved it.

His new daycare is a large center housed in a former elementary school, so the change has been drastic. He absolutely does not want to go in and he melts down every morning at drop off. We're entering our third week and it's not getting better, it's actually getting worse. He barely gets into the front doors of the center now, whereas last week he'd at least make it to his locker. His teacher is now starting to get really frustrated with him as well. 

He stops melting down 2-3 minutes after we leave and when we pick him up he's having so much fun and shows us around the room to all the things he gets to play with. His teacher says he's really opening up with talking and is great during the day. He sits at circle time, sings songs, help clean up and in general really good.

I guess I'm looking for either general support that he will make it through this rough transition and drop offs will get better, or advice on how to make this transition easier and have smoother, no-tantrum drop offs.

Anything would be helpful at this point.

Re: Transitioning to New Daycare

  • Honestly, if they teachers are telling you that he is fine after 2-3 minutes, I would not worry about it. Three weeks really isn't that long, give it more time. 

    I have found that the faster I make the drop off process the better. Dragging it out since to cause more tears. As soon as get into the room, I try to get a conversation started between DS and the teacher. Something like, "DS why don't you tell Ms. L about your swim lessons last night..." Once they start talking I sneak out. 

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