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Okay, am I going crazy here? I think my LO may be teething. I was able to snap a photo of where I believe he may be starting to just begin to cut a tooth. Help me decide! Anyone else have early teethers? 

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  • Some babies start teething around 4 months, others don't get them until much later. DD got her first tooth in at 6 months, but the tooth buds were sitting RIGHT under the gums for nearly a month. It sucked.

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  • My son got his first tooth at 4 months. It was all the way through the gum, and it surprised me because I didn't expect it until he was at least 6 months. So yes, it's absolutely possible.
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  • smn14smn14 member
    We got this at just under 4 months. Then nothing till 8 months! 
  • My daughter started teething at 3 months.  We saw the first tooth around 4 months.  She is not 15 months and has all but one set of molars.
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    The drooling and biting everything started abt 3 months and then seeing her teeth break thru the gums around 3.5 months. At 4 months,  she has two wittle teeth at the bottom!  So cute. 

    My other 2 started at 5 months and had a mouth full by 11 months. 8 on top, 8 on bottom lol
  • My girl is 4 months and has 2 teeth already. They first broke through the gum at 3 1/2 months. :)
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