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Going back to work end of March - two kids in daycare

So I going back to work end of March and I will be putting my three month old son in the same daycare with my daughter. I didn't go through this with my daughter because I was home with her till she was 6 months and then we got a nanny. I am really nervous about leaving him and having to pump at work. Also, my hours are long ane not flexible so pick up and drop off will be done by my husband. I am worried and not looking forward to seeing a lot less of my kiddos but got to pay those bills!

Re: Going back to work end of March - two kids in daycare

  • If you need to find time to pump you can always pump to and from work. I personally love my kids in daycare, they have so much fun and are both thriving in the environment they are in and I don't have mommy guilt because of it. I hope you have care the you trust and your children thrive in as well. It does get easier.
  • Good luck with your translation. Both my girls do well in a center. Everyone will adjust. 
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  • I will be in the same situation. I feel better about it this time because I have an older child there and I love my center. It still sucks leaving them and going back to work. I am not looking forward to pumping at work either. It will be much easier this time we have a designated room but I don't know how get my work done pump. With my last pregnancy I did pump to and from work.
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