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Irregular fetal heart rhythm

Hey everyone,

I went in for an anatomy scan ultrasound last Friday at 21 weeks and they found that our baby had an irregular heart rhythm. Structurally they couldn't see any defects and his heart rate has always been normal. But as we were watching his heart contract about every 30 seconds to a minute his heart would slow and there would be about 4 beats that looked different from the rest. Then it would go back to normal and look perfect again. Everything else on the scan looked normal. My doctor referred me to perinatology where I will go and have another ultrasound the end of next week and talk to them before they determine whether I need to be referred to a fetal cardiologist. So basically I was just wondering if anyone has experiences with this or has seen it before and how significant it was in the life of their baby after birth? My doctor didn't give me much info on it and I am driving myself crazy wondering if my baby is going to be alright. 

Thanks so much! 

Re: Irregular fetal heart rhythm

  • I had a similar situation! With my first pregnancy my daughter had a heart arrhythmia that was detected at my 24 week visit via doppler. My midwife sent me to have an ultrasound to confirm; ultrasound did confirm an arrhythmia! I was then sent to a specialist. The specialist performed an ultrasound of the heart which took about 45 minutes and everything structurally looked great which was great news! (They have a specific name for the arrymthia that she had but I have forgotten it now; it was two years ago) They scheduled a follow up appointment for the following week; this appointment showed no sign of any arrhythmia! The specialist said this can happen during the second trimester when synapses are still forming in baby's heart! I was worried sick as well but tried my best not to contemplate worse case scenarios. Hoping this is the case for you as well! Good luck mama - try not to stress!! 
  • Thanks so much! My level two ultrasound is this week so hopefully it all looks good!
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