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Childhood Apraxia of speech

my son was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia (CAS) of Speech a few days ago.  Well i do not know if diagnosed is the right word his speech pathologist likes to say exhibits a speech delay secondary to childhood apraxia of speech.  he is 33 months.  i am riddled with guilt, i know it can just happen at birth or caused by brain trauma, i keep thinking about the time he fell off changing table at 7 months old or hit his head on the bathroom sink at 19 months.....did anyone who has a child diagnosed with CAS go to a neurologist as well? 

 we started him on 3 days a week with ST

Re: Childhood Apraxia of speech

  • My son has suspected CAS at 24 months. He has since moved to a Phonological Processing Disorder. While we were in the CAS boat I found the CAS Facebook groups very helpful. There are a few really big ones and have great information about supplements, neurologist appts, etc. So if you haven't checked those out yet, it would be a good idea to be in contact with others that can relate. During our (almost a year) time of believing he had CAS we did not go to a neurologist. 
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  • I have a now 7 yr old that was diagnosed at 3 with CAS.  He also has severe ADHD which really makes it a battle.  I (and most other moms) totally know how you feel.  PLEASE don't feel guilty.  These things like any other special needs, happen.  And the fact that you even "wonder" makes you an awesome mom!  AND the fact that you are getting him the exact help he needs make you even MORE awesome.  I agree with the pp that the CAS Facebook groups are amazing!!!!  Definitely join :)  

    You are so not alone!  

    If I can share with you--- only because I know it felt great to hear "wins"--- my son who had 6 words at the age of 3 --even after early intervention and speech therapy was put in to the public school's early childhood program and was given the Kaufmann method.  That was amazing!  He still struggles, but he can "talk" now--- he's a bit "slower" than his peers and apraxia certainly has it's other issues like reading--BUT let me tell the improvement!  So keep your head up and keep fighting for your child!  
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  • My daughter has severe CAS (she is 4). First of all, please don't blame yourself -- honestly there really is no way of knowing the cause. You can get genetic testing done, but chances are that won't give you any answers. I can assure you that it most likely wasn't anything you did. We don't see a neurologist.. We were never told its necessary but I know some do go that route. I'm not sure if they learn anything new though? Maybe? Therapy wise, my daughter seems to do best with prompt, but it varies per child.
    I don't have a lot of encouragement or advice as we are only on the second year with an official diagnosis, but know you aren't alone. It will take a lot of hard work and patience, and I'm not finding it an easy journey at all, but we just have to hope that it's going to pay off in the end. I'm in a pretty large Apraxia Facebook group. Not sure the exact name offhand but I can find it for you if you want! But definitely search Apraxia and you should be able to find lots of support and understanding. There are tons of us out there so you are not alone!
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  • My son hasn't been to a neurologist. He will be 3 this June, but recently he was diagnosed with mild Autism, and Apraxia is suspected. He's been going to OT, and tomorrow he'll be starting speech. It is hard sometimes, you are not alone!
  • I'm new to this group, but my mind is in overdrive and I am so overwhelmed. My son is a few days shy of 27 months. He has no words. He can repeat "mama" but with no direction and won't do it without prompt. He also tries to say "banana," but again, only with prompt can be get "ba" and "nana." He cannot connect ba-nana. He's been in speech therapy for about a month. 

    Does anyone else's LO use sign language? My son is up to nearly 20 signs that he knows, understands, and can use appropriately. 
    Also, does anyone else's LO show signs of headaches? We went to the pediatrician yesterday because he seems as though he is battling intense headaches. He screams in pain, sometimes waking up out of a dead asleep. If I ask what's wrong, he obviously can't tell me, but if I ask whether he has a boo boo, he nods yes, and points to his head. We are scheduling a CT scan and an appointment with neuro. I'm absolutely terrified... 
  • My nephew was diagnosed with CAS last year at 2, and Global CAS just a few weeks ago. My sister got involved with CASANA when he got his dx and they helped her with all the next steps. He has improved tremendously over the past year with both his speech and coordination (not saying he still doesn't have a ways to go but he will get there). He goes to therapy (both speech and PT) twice a week, and we've used ASL with him since he was a baby. 
    Chin up hun, your little one will improve! I agree with the PP though- make sure to check out the CAS Facebook groups for more support! 
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