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Ahhh hubby has a cold sore!...

Ugh, I feel terrible.  He hasn't had one in two years I'm guessing, but the stress and excitement of a new baby must be to blame. I'm at 38+ 3 and ready to pop.  I feel horrible.  He is heartbroken that he won't be able to snuggle with his little one.  :( And petrified he'll give her HSV 1 & wind up very ill.  So now I guess I'll tell LO she needs to wait a few more days while we wait to hear back from the pediatrician on how long he may be contagious for...

Re: Ahhh hubby has a cold sore!...

  • Aw that's awful I'm so sorry! I hope the pedi says it won't take long and he can get lots of snuggles in .... hopefully baby waits just a little while 
  • Oh I'm so sorry to hear this!! I've had more cold sores during my pregnancy than I've had in like 3 years. I'm terrified that I'll get another one right before his birth  :s I hope your hubby's sore heals very quickly. 
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