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I'm due in August and haven't found out pink or blue yet.... however we are set on our boy name. Lately, our favorite girl name is Rose Alexandra ... what do you think?? One syllable last name starting with Y. 


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Re: Girl name

  • Love. I also love Rosemary or Rosalie nn Rose or Rosie.
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  • Thanks!

    @MamaWren919 We had discussed Rosalie too. I think it helps it stand out but we weren't sure if it was too cutesy - definitely on the table 
  • I think it sounds nice flipped too - Alexandra Rose! Two good choices :) 
  • With a one syllable last name, I would choose a multi-syllable fn. Rosalie is lovely! Also consider:

    Rosalyn Alexandra
    Rosamund Anne

    Or alternatively:

    Alexandra Rose
    Amelia Rose

  • Thanks  @cantrellja! We wouldn't use Alexandra as a first name because it is to honor a family member that's passed. Both DH and I want our child to have their own fn. I typically have liked multi-syllable fns but haven't always gotten DH on the same page hah. Rosalie will have to be discussed again since Rose could always be a nn
  • You are welcome. I think even a 2 syllable fn wold work better with a one syllable ln....lots of little girls would feel sort of ripped off to be the equivalent of "Ann Smith" or "Jane Doe" with two 1-syllable names. So, I'm glad you are reconsidering Rosalie. Rosalind is another option I didn't think of the other day. Have you thought of Maribel or Mirabelle?

  • Very pretty! People use Rose a lot in the MN spot but not too many babies with the FN Rose lately. 

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