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how truly popular is Isla? DH and I are team green this time with DS being Locke Michael and DD being Annaliese Jane (goes by Anna). We have gone back and forth but our boy name will be Ford and we finally decided on Isla for a girl (lots of disagreement about girl names). I don't think popularity will really make me change my mind but I also know that Isla is becoming a bit common. Would you put it on the same playing field as Anna (popular but not annoyingly everywhere). Hope this makes any sense haha 


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  • I know two, both are around 3
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  • I've never known an Isla but I know a pregnant girl who has it picked out.  I think it is much more popular in the past couple years and when the 2016 ranks come out it will see a big jump but still way less popular than Ava, Emma
  • Mb0112 that's kinda what I was thinking. I actually LOVE the names Emma and Ava but both of my best friends have daughters with those names. I knew Isla was getting more popular but as a mother baby nurse for the last 5 years I've yet to have a baby with that name. Thank you 
  • Yah I don't know any but personally wouldn't pick it becausenI know two moms thinking about it and a bunch on here.
  • Really don't think it's that popular that you shouldn't use it. Although Anna and Isla are kinda close for sibling names. 
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  • I've never known an Isla.
  • I don't know any.

    I'm not somebody to overlook a name I love because it is popular though. I figure it's popular for a reason. Also DH has a very popular male name, and even though he has known a number of others with the same name while growing up he said it was never an issue and if he loved a name that was popular he would use it.
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    My DD's name is Isla.  I actually think its surge in popularity is slowing down.  I don't think it will ever be a top 20 name.  My DS has an Isla in his 1st grade class and I know of one other.  My DD is 4 years old.  I think it is a beautiful name that is becoming more common, which also helps with pronunciation and spelling questions becoming less and less!
  • Although it isn't at the top of name lists I think this is a name that is very popular within a certain demographic. There were 2 on my last bmb and another mom had an older child named Isla. There were 3 in the playgroup I attended that was all white, socially liberal, middle class, university educated women. 

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  • I don't know any, but I know a few people that had it on their short list and ended up going with another name. I don't force it ever being a top 20s name. 
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  • I know one, born in the last year. It's definitely growing in popularity, but no where near Anna, which is super popular in my state.
  • Love this name. I knew none in Iowa, know none in Arizona. 
  • Thanks ladies! The more I've thought about it the more I love the name, no matter how popular it is it will be. I guess that's all that matters. Now to fight my husband on a middle name lol 
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