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Leaking through overnight diapers and we are at the biggest size, help!

My 19 month old has been wearing a size 6 overnight diaper because he does pee  more at night. He sleeps from about 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM but has been waking up early because he is wet. He wears a size 5 during the day, we started using the bigger size 6 at night to help but now that is too small. He is a very tall kid and I'm not sure what to do. He is not ready for potty and he is solidly a size 2T in clothes and the Goodnights seem like they are for ages 4 & up. Any suggestions?

Re: Leaking through overnight diapers and we are at the biggest size, help!

  • They sell plastic diaper covers, that might help? (They're basically like giant plastic underwear.) The diaper might still be uncomfortable, but it wouldn't leak out to make his clothes and bed wet. Or maybe doing cloth diapers at night? With pocket diapers you can add extra inserts for overnight. 
  • Try another brand. I've always used Luvs and never once had any leakage. My older son used to use the goodnights but still soaked through those. They aren't very absorbent. Also, not to be weird, but make sure you tuck his penis downwards, I had to do that with my boys or they'd leak. Hopefully something works! 
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  • I've noticed that DD has leaks if the diaper cream I use at night gets on the ruffles of the diaper. Could that be the culprit?
  • We were having a similar problem, the Target brand Up&Up works great for us. But DD is
    only in a size 3 during the day, size 4 at night
  • I use the Pampers Swaddlers Overnights with a diaper cover overtop and it seems to work really well.  My daughter is a heavy wetter and had leaks before I tried this combination.  I've heard Huggies Overnights work well too.  

  • My son has leaked a few times this week but I realized it was his jammies that caused the leaking.  The only time he leaked was when he was wearing two piece PJs.  He has not had one leak in footed one piece PJs.  I think the pants or the two piece are pulling down on diaper causing it to leak 
  • Huggies overnight were the only things that worked for us, and we use Luvs during the day. 
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    I would also suggest trying another brand. I think there is at least one that goes up to size 7, although you most likely would have to order it online. if all else fails maybe just cut out or limit liquids after a certain time?
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  • Have you tried limiting liquids before bed
  • We tried a few until something worked. For us it ended up being the night time diapers that are the generic store brand at CVS, size 6 for a 21 month old. She sleeps about 12 hours in it, and so far so good. I can tell it has a thicker layer of the absorbing material.
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  • Have you tried cutting off liquids 2 hours before bedtime? If he is thirsty, I would let him have a couple of sips of water right before bed.
  • We use Baby Dry in a size 5 for overnights. He sleeps from 8ish to around 6:30-7 most nights. Sometimes his diaper is very heavy, and other nights not so much. I saw that Amazon sells an insert-type thing, kind of like a maxi pad, that you could put in their diapers. We think the more full ones are due to what he drinks right before bed (he still gets some milk then). He's never leaked through, but I think it's been close sometimes.
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  • Look up Sposies if you’re still looking 
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