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Weekend Randoms 2/24

Since there seems to be a few of us hanging around I thought I would try a randoms post again. What is everyone up to this weekend? Anything exciting planned?

I wouldn't say that my weekend has exciting things planned but it will be busy! I really need to clean the house :/ and I have class all day tomorrow so I am sure the weekend will go by way too fast as it usually does.

Re: Weekend Randoms 2/24

  • @glitzandglitter cleaning sounds super fun!! Haha I need to do a lot of that as well!

    Other than cleaning, nothing exciting planned for me! I love weekends without plans! Impending TTC makes me feel like I should organize something in my house but...that just doesn't sound like fun right now. Laziness it is!

  • Hey all!  We are spending a VERY exciting weekend organizing and cleaning our apartment, haha.  But, I guess it's kind of exciting because we're laying the groundwork to making the place more kid friendly and preparing to (eventually) have space for baby number two.  We were really, really hoping to buy a place before the next baby arrived, but housing prices where we live (LA) are so insane, that saving up for that downpayment is a years long thing that most likely won't be done in time.  At some point I decided that's fine and that I'm not going to sacrifice any years out of my remaining fertile window (I'm 36) worrying about it, and we'll just make things work in our two bedroom apartment.  The next baby will probably sleep in a bassinet with us for the first few months anyway, so it's not a huge deal.

    Anyway, this turned into a long ramble!  But yeah, other than that, trying to stay on the fitness train with a long walk in the park today with the family, a hike tomorrow, and trying not to have too much wine, lol.  :)  Happy weekend to everyone!

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  • I survived grad school today! So that's a win :) Unfortunately for me the house did not clean itself today so tomorrow will be cleaning day :( 
    @maureenmce - we would LOVE a new house! We love our house but we have kinda out grown it. We really need to remodel or get something bigger but it just isn't in the cards right now. I am with you - not getting any younger so we have decided to just make it work and hopefully in a few years we will be hunting:) 

    @AllyTheKid - haven't seen you around for a while. Hope all is well with you :)
  • I love house hunting, even though we're most likely years away from an upgrade as well. But it is so fun to look! 

    Good for you staying active this weekend! I keep telling myself I'll get a workout in but...blah. 
  • @maureenmce, I completely agree that LA housing is insanely expensive.  We're up in Santa Clarita, where it's a little more affordable, but depending on the commute you'd be looking at, it might not be worth it to live so far from the city and fight traffic.
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  • @mill1020 - I'd love to consider Santa Clarita, but my husband works in downtown LA and that's where DD's daycare is, so it'd be a horrific commute.  They're already in the car an hour each way sometimes, coming from where we live now in North Hollywood.  We're looking into the area around USC (where I went to school) and there are some steals there, but the schools aren't great at the moment.  We're hoping to buy in 2018 or 2019, so maybe some magical area where we can find a reasonably priced 3 bedroom in an area with decent schools will pop up!  Haha.
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