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toddler with mild hearing loss

I recently found out that my son has mild hearing loss. finding out anything is wrong with your child is a heartbreak. I'm not really sure what to be expecting the doctor told us that it could be getting worse or completely go away. I'm asking you Mother's if any of you have the same or similar situation

Re: toddler with mild hearing loss

  • I do not have a similar situation, but I am an early childhood special education teacher. I encourage you to work with your doctor and local school district to get early intervention services for your child. Ask lots of questions...see if he/she will qualify for speech services and a hearing itinerant. He/she will go on to do amazing things! Early intervention services make all the difference in the world. Hang in there mama! You're doing an amazing job! 
  • Depends on what causes it but I would recommend an abr and possibly a sedated abr to give an accurate reading. Not sure what they tested with but if it was the booths they are really situational if your son wants to do his own thing he will.  More than likely if your child wasn't born with it, it is conductive(fluid). So tubes will really help. It's best to push right now for a definitive result because it may affect his speech. 
    We had several failed hearing tests at 6 months to 15 months but they think the tubes are helping. 
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