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(Belated) Weekly Fitness Check In 2.1.17!

Hi all!  Sorry, been a busy week so far.  Not a ton of response on the last thread anyway, so I guess I don't have that many people to apologize too, lol.  But for anyone who still wants on this pre TTC fitness wagon, I'm here!  I have decided I've been going too slow to reach my goal, AND we may be hoping to move TTC up to June or July (woo!)  So I've decided to get more aggressive in my goal and am starting...drumroll please...no snacking February!  (I literally hate it already, haha.) Snacking is my downfall, and at my new office I'm working very long days next to a kitchen stocked with chocolate, chips, everything.  So, I'm not having any of it.  I can have my three small meals and one mini meal of fruit and protein between lunch and dinner (otherwise I'm starving by 8pm when I eat.)  And that's IT.

Anyone wanna join me in No Snack February?

Otherwise, questions!

Share your stats if you'd like!  Starting weight, current weight, mini goal (if you have one) and goal weight.
What is your February goal?
How are you getting there?
GTKY who is your celeb crush?

Re: (Belated) Weekly Fitness Check In 2.1.17!

  • Share your stats if you'd like!  Starting weight, current weight, mini goal (if you have one) and goal weight.

    SW: 215
    CW: 199
    Mini goal: 185 (pre preg)
    Long term goal: 150

    What is your February goal?  I want to lose 6 pounds and walk 45 minutes most days, lift arm weights/push ups 3x per week.

    How are you getting there?  I'm not mindlessly snacking at ALL this month, walking during my lunch break, and lifting weights M-W-F very quickly in the morning.

    GTKY who is your celeb crush?  Jason Momoa!  Why is he not in more stuff?  I could stare at him forever.

    Hope you all have a great rest of your week!
  • Starting weight, current weight, mini goal (if you have one) and goal weight.

    SW: 175
    CW: 166
    Mini goal: 160
    Long term goal: 140

    What is your February goal?  Keep losing and figure out how to fit gym time back into my schedule. 

    How are you getting there?  Still going strong on the no soda! 2 months today!! I am so proud of myself I was a daily soda drinker as long as I can remember. Also, I can't give up snacks :( but I cut way back and try to pick healthier ones rather than all the junk I love to eat. 

    GTKY who is your celeb crush?  Justin Timberlake is not bad to look at lol

    @maureenmce  Yay for moving the timeline up!!! You are a stronger woman than I! I am a horrible snacker. I am better at work but if I'm home and just hanging around the house :# I will eat whatever is around. 
    I hope you have a great week too :)
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  • @glitzandglitter  Great job on the soda!  I NEED to kick diet coke, but I'm not a coffee or tea drinker and it's my only source of caffeine right now.  Just not quite ready yet!  Soon though.  You're a good inspiration!

    As for my snacking pledge it has been...mixed success so far.  I did great yesterday but today I caved because I didn't have my normal breakfast (eggs and toast) and the kind bar I had just was not cutting it, hunger wise.  Gonna plan better tomorrow!
  • @maureenmce Don't give up! It will be hard but you can do it :)
  • Replying to this thread with the hopes of reviving it! I love the idea of a weekly check in! Come baaaaack!

    Starting weight: 138
    current weight: 135
    goal weight: 125ish
    What is your February goal? Must stop eating crap food all the time!
    How are you getting there? Trying to take it day by day and make sure I'm making more good food choices than bad. I am also trying to follow the advice not to go more than 2 days without working out. It makes it harder to jump back in after day 3!
    GTKY who is your celeb crush? Eek I'm bad at this game. I don't really know?? I'll second the Justin Timberlake suggestion! *heart eyes emoji*
  • @UterusesBeforeDuderuses  Hey there!  Was just thinking today that I need to get back in the habit of this thread.  Haven't posted in a while because it's been crazy at work and my diet has been...uh...anyway, let's just say I haven't lost anymore weight.  But!  My DH and I did the math about when to TTC, our ages, etc., and we decided to start trying earlier - June, instead of August, so I need to get on the fitness train asap because I still have 14-15 pounds of baby weight to lose by June.  Eek!

    I'll post a new check in Monday!  And I'll try to be consistent about posting every week until I graduate to the TTGP or TTC over 35 boards in June!
  • @maureenmce Yay!! Congrats on moving your date up - how exciting!! :)
  • @maureenmce I feel you on the crazy work and bad diet thing!! The past 4 or 5 days I've been pretty on track with nutrition for the first time in... a while! I certainly haven't been perfect, but much improved from the last few months!! 14-15 pounds in 3 months is totally doable! You got this!

    Hope everybody maintains willpower this weekend! *fingers crossed*
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