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Weekly Appointments week of 2/20

I thought I posted this already, but can't find the post. 
Any appointments this week? How did they go?
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Re: Weekly Appointments week of 2/20

  • Had an appointment today to recheck my blood pressure. Still high at the doctors so they're going to have me continue to take it at home and they'll just record my at home readings every time. Other than that heard the heartbeat again - heart rate of 146!
    next appointment is the anatomy scan!
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  • My appointment was on Monday (16 wks + 4). It was with the OB I trust the most (he's also my Gyno). We discussed VBAC and it was a much more positive convo than with the last doctor. So we shall see as time goes on what'll happen there. Baby's HB was 148, my BP was good, as was iron level (they just started finger pricks this appointment), and he said weight was good. A/S is my next appointment!

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    Appointment today (15 + 6) - got a z-pack because I've had a gnarly cough for longer than Dr likes, I can't wait to feel better! And we scheduled the anatomy scan!!! 3/14, already counting the hours lol.  I haven't had any issues and my Dr is pretty low key when it comes to ultrasounds, so I haven't seen baby since week 8!  

    We did get to hear a good, solid heartbeat which was reassuring...I still don't FEEL incredibly pregnant, so it was a big relief.  Baby even kicked a few times, which we could hear :smile:

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  • I go tomorrow to begin my makena injections. Will be going weekly for them, and biweekly for ultrasounds. Next week is my anatomy scan!
  • I had my appt today I'm exactly 16 weeks. Nothing new to report, nice strong heart beat and I looooove hearing it. 
    Next appt is anatomy scan 3/9
  • We were able to hear baby's heartbeat for the first time at my appointment Monday. It took my OB quite a long time to find it so it was a little scary for a bit. Also found out baby is low risk for trisomies. My blood pressure was also really high and they rechecked it and it came down a bit but still too high for their liking. I'm going to have to figure out how to calm myself down before I get my vitals taken. I get so anxious for appointments especially since I have a different doctor each time. :/ 
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  • @BlackNYellow if your BP continues to be high, you could do what my doctor is having me do. I take mine at home and record it. They're going to scan in my log every appointment so they can at least see what it is normally in a non doctors office setting.
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  • I'm 13 weeks today, and we have our 12 week appt tomorrow. Hoping to hear the heartbeat and get test results. We've been waiting 2 weeks and 2 days (who's counting) for our Counsyl Informed Pregnancy Screening. I'm not AMA, but I have some genetic disorders in my family, so this wait is weighing on me.
    Doc also emailed me last week and wants me to start baby aspirin every day, but with no explanation. So now I'm wondering if there are any red flags from my initial blood/urine tests. 
    Let's just say, I'm ready for the appt to get here already!
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  • Monthly appt today at 14w. Everything seems to be going well (knocks on wood). Good bp and I've gained the "right" amount of weight or in the range thereof haha about 4 lbs. I was able to hear the baby's hb again, I was lucky enough to hear it at 10w, and it's strong at 155.
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