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February - Introduce yourself!

If you're new to the boards and / or have been lurking for a while, please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you so we can get to know you! No judgement here regardless of which group you would fall into (adopted / adopting / fostered / fostering / placed a child, etc).

Re: February - Introduce yourself!

  • Hi everyone. I frequent the TTGP boards every now and then but DH and I decided to go the route of domestic adoption for 2017/2018 -- depending how long it takes :). We have been TTC for over 2 years and our only option is IVF -- it's just not for us.

    DH and I have been looking into adoption through our foster care system in our province -- I'm hoping to hear back from them sometime next week to learn more. We were originally on a call back list for a private agency to attend a seminar in April, but I'm pulling more towards public adoption. I'm really excited and nervous to start this process.
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  • @WitandWhimsy Welcome! I hope you hear back soon and can start the process of adoption! Just a tip - if you don't hear back soon, don't feel bad calling again. I had contacted multiple agencies and didn't hear anything back until I finally got the phone number of the person in charge at one of them. It was about a month of just trying to get contact.
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  • Hi! I'm moving over from the infertility boards. We've been trying IVF for the better part of last year and were told in December that my AMH is 0 so we are going the adoption route. We've decided on a  private infant adoption through a local lawyer who specializes in adoption. I was lucky to find a wonderful counselor after my IVF failures who had basically had the same experience and decided on adoption too. She has been a wonderful resource! We won't be able to start the process until May because we just bought a house that we will close on in April and then will have a home study. I'm really excited!
    Me & DH - 41, DH has a cyst blocking his tubes, I'm just old.
    IVF #1 scheduled May 2016 - 375/525 follistim, 75 menopur - cancelled cycle Day 6
    IVF #2 scheduled July 2016 - new protocol, switcharoo...IUI June 2016 - BFN
    IVF#3 scheduled August 2016 - estrogen & testosterone primed for 3 wks - ganirelix 7 days leading up to stim - 500 follistim, 75 menopur, 150 clomid , no follicle growth on day 6, stopped injectibles. Scanned day 9 just to check, some growth, 3 days 200 mg clomid, day 12 more growth, 100 follistim, 75 menopur, start ganirelix on day 13, ER = 0 eggs, ovulated to soon ( :( )
    IVF#4 scheduled Sept 2016 - Microdose Flare protocol, cancelled stim day 6 converted to IUI (one dominant follicle)  :(  IUI cancelled ovulated too soon again. Taking a mental health break.
    IVF#5 December 2016 - New protocol, same results. My adventure is over.

    britters314[Deleted User]
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