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Please help with girl name!

We were told at our 20 week ultrasound that we were having a boy, but now at 36 weeks we've been told the tech made a mistake and it is a girl! We have been thrown for a loop as we've had our boy name picked out for months! We really need some help...middle name will very likely be Catherine or Elisabeth (both family names) depending on which sounds better with the first name. 

So far our favorites are:


Open to suggestions!

Re: Please help with girl name!

  • Amelia Catherine
    Helen Elisabeth

    Margaret Elisabeth

  • Helen Elisabeth
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  • I love Amelia Catherine!!
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  • Audrey Catherine!
  • I love Audrey Elisabeth. 
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    Another vote for Helen Elisabeth. 
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  • Love Audrey Catherine! 
  • Love Audrey Catherine
  • I like Helen the best out of your options! I think Helen Elizabeth has a better flow, but I like Catherine better as a name. 

  • All solid choices! Audrey Is my favorite

  • 100 percent vote for Helen. There are little Audrey's all over the place. Helen feels fresh. I do love Amelia but consider that they may end being Amy and decide if you like that or not.
  • Love Audrey and both middle names go well. Helen is my least favorite, maybe because the only ones I know are very, very old.
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  • I like Amelia, but I think it's getting really popular (I know at least 2 born in the last 6 months). I don't know if that bothers you. 


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  • Audrey Elisabeth!  It's beautiful 
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  • I like Audrey Catherine the best. Helen is ok, but I prefer Helena, I think it has a more feminine edge. 

    I would suggest:
    Winifred (Don't know if you like NNs, but I love the NN Winnie.)

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  • Helen is the least common and a GP name to me. 
  • You can't go wrong! I like all three :) My favourite is Elisabeth. Would that be a first name option?

    Other suggestions:
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  • Helen Elizabeth
  • Thank you for all your responses!

    Audrey is my favourite and Helen is my husband's...I like Helen but having trouble getting past it as an "old lady name". We both like Amelia, but I'm worried about it being too popular
  • I don't think Amelia is terribly popular. The SSA shows that in 2015, there were not quite 10k babies given that name, just one half of one percent of all the girl babies born. You might want to look it up by your state to be more certain!
    I agree about Helen being an old lady name. Would you consider using a nickname? That way she has the option of using a more formal name later in life.
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  • I would go with your gut. I think Audrey is way more popular than amelia anyways and they are all old lady names. The ones  that have become more popular in recent years we now associate with little girls that's all. 
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