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MN for Ramona

We've decided on the name Ramona if this LO is a girl, but a good MN eludes us. We've thrown around a few ideas, but nothing sticks. Our ideas so far-

Ramona Avery
Ramona Madeleine
Ramona Felicity
Ramona Scarlett (DHs favorite, but feels a little heavy me, and I think it will be very dated in a few years)
Ramona Rene (a family name)
Ramona Elizabeth (another DH suggestion. Love the name Elizabeth, but it seems like a long name.)

Ramona Evelyn, Ramona Winifred, Ramona Elise, and Ramona Kate have both been vetoed by DH. LN is one syllable, similar to Stout. 
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Re: MN for Ramona

  • Ramona Rene is the clear winner for me 

  • Ramona Louise was my first thought. I like Ramona Felicity and Ramona Rene. 
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  • Ramona Rene sounds surprisingly good and if it's a family name it's the winner!
  • I like Rene and Elizabeth, Louise is nice too
    Ramona Kathleen
    Ramona Colette
    Ramona Genevieve
    Ramona Suzette
    Ramona Camille
    Ramona Elise
    Ramona Celeste
    Ramona Giselle
    Ramona Celine
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  • Love it. We have an Evelyn Ramona :)

    Ramona Eileen
    Ramona Irene
  • Ramona Rene for the win!

    Who are you naming after? Renée is the (French) feminine for René, so if you're honouring a male Rene, you could go with Renée.

    With Ramona I'd go with a 1 or 2 syllable middle name. Other options:
    Ramona Pearl
    Ramona Mae
    Ramona Maeve
    Ramona Sage
    Ramona Suzanne
    Ramona Fern
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  • @FakeFinn  Rene in my MN, and my great-grandmother's MN, spelled that way with no accents, so we'll spell it the same way if we use it for this LO too. Thanks for the other suggestions!
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  • Love that it's a mn she would share with you and your great-grandmother! Only 9 more weeks til you find out if you can use it :)
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  • I would go with Rene because it's such a special name. DH and I decided that a boy would have his middle name and a girl would probably have mine. I wasn't crazy about the flow of my MN with the girl's name we picked, but it's grown on me and now I'm fairly certain we will use it. 


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  • Ramona Rene, for sure.
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