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37 weeks in early labor that is drawing out for DAYS

I'm 37 w 4 d pregnant and in the stage of early labor. I was dilated to 1 cm on Fri night, 2 cm on Sun night and 50% effaced, and 2.5 cm on Mon morning and 75% effaced. My OB told me on Mon morning that at that rate he wouldn't be surprised if I had the baby this week!

Monday I had bad back labor, contractions every 30 mins, but then they just stopped and turned to really mild, sporadic contractions in the front for the next 48 hours. Then Tues night I got really painful back contractions once every hour all through the night. I couldn't sleep hardly at all. Then yesterday they went down to only one contraction every 2 hours, and have stayed that way since.

I'm so frustrated because they can't do a c-section until I'm in active labor (contractions every 7 mins or so), but I'm so tired of these painful contractions that draw on for days. With my daughter I didn't really have contractions until the day I went into active labor. But this is drawing on and on  and it's highly annoying.

I don't understand why my contractions seem to be getting further apart and not closer together?

Have any of you had similar experiences? How long did it draw on for you, and what was the outcome?

Re: 37 weeks in early labor that is drawing out for DAYS

  • The contractions are getting farther apart because you're only 37 weeks. Baby could stay in 5 more weeks. It sucks for sure, but there's nothing you can do, other than hot showers and Tylenol, heating pad, etc.
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  • I had contractions from 16w with DS and 13w with DD2. I called them BH, which they technically are when they aren't dilating you, but they felt not awesome most days and lasted all day every day, many times at regular intervals. With DD1 I didn't have ANY pre labour contractions, not one BH, nothing. Nothing really helped me but apparently drinking lots of water and relaxing can help, or if you've been laying around it can help to walk around for a bit.
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