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What are your thoughts on the name Herb

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Re: Herb

  • lets smoke some

  • i cant really get behind this name. is it a family name?

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  • NMS but if it's a family name that you really want to use then maybe as a middle name? My biggest issue is that it always seems to be confused with how you pronounce the leafy plants that go in your food.

    Plus I have an uncle with that name that I can't stand so I might be a little biased lol
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  • I don't hate it but I don't love it either. 

  • I hate it, its pretty terrible.
  • Will it be short for Herbert? I'm not sure it matters, I don't care for it either way. 
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  • A lot of "old man" names are coming back, but this one is still very rare for kids and can't shake off the old man vibe for me
  • Not a fan and I'm pretty open minded sorry! Maybe Hugo or Henry? 
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