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wonder week hopefully the last

breanna428breanna428 member
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so is anyone enjoying this wonder week as much as i am?! :s ugh it is horrible. dd use to wake up so happy and would even play for a little while before i got her up in the morning now as soon as she wakes up she's crying and yelling for me. she barely eats anything except her oatmeal in the morning and a few snacks. night time is the worst she just randomly cries for no reason and refuses to eat from me only DH and it's still only a few bites.

edit: it's hard to type with a cracked iphone screen 

Re: wonder week hopefully the last

  • BabyBugutskyBabyBugutsky member
    edited February 2017
    We've been through weeks like this. Usually it happens when he's teething. I find it usually the weeks the tooth is just starting to come through the gums. Maybe check to see is she's getting a few new teeth? 

    I hope she gets back to her normal self soon!
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