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Baby's First Haircut

Anybody had one yet? 

We did it today and I'm a little traumatized! He looks so different and we both cried lol. Share your stories and pictures here!

Re: Baby's First Haircut

  • He needs one, but he's so little and cute with his long curls! I'm not ready yet, but DH keeps bringing it up, so we'll see. 
  • Not enough hair for a haircut yet :neutral:
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  • We did it about a month or so ago. He looks so different but did really well. I almost cried
  • redselig said:
    Not enough hair for a haircut yet :neutral:
    Same here!!
  • I don't want to cut his hair! 
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    I miss his hair and regret the chop!

  • @Missingchampagne he looks so much older with that hair cut. I think everybody regrets the first hair cut. I definitely mis playing with LO's curls even though they were the most uncooperative curls ever
  • linzoirvlinzoirv member
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    I'm not getting my son's hair cut until he turns one. His hair is super long and full of curls. He hates for me to comb or brush it out. To make sure his hair doesn't get matted, I have to section his hair off in rubber bands during the week and let him wear it like that. 

    ETA: My son's picture for reference 
  • Not yet, but I about to make an appointment. I don't want to cut his hair, but his bangs are so long, it's down to his nose. It's getting long over his ears and in the back too. He has a head full of hair, it's beautiful! But it's always in his eyes, poor thing. Plus we are having professional pictures taken for his birthday, so I'm giving in to DH and getting it cut. HOWEVER.....I am not getting it cut off or buzzed or what have you. I want it to look the same just tidied up a bit, and for it not to be in his eyes all the time. I tell my DH I don't want his bangs cut and end up looking like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber! Haha

  • Thomas has had 2 hair cuts already. His hair grows so fast. We're almost ready for cut number 3, but I definitely got teary-eyed the first time.
  • I'm planning on waiting until Callen turns one. His hair is getting pretty long though so I may give in and get it cut sooner. 
  • I cut D's hair today. I only took off a half inch or so, probably less. Thankfully the curls are still there and he still looks like a baby! 
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