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Starving all the time

Hi everyone,
I'm 9 weeks pregnant and for the last 2 weeks I'm starving, pretty much all day.  I'll be fine for maybe an hour after a snack or meal, but then will need to eat again.  No morning sickness or anything!

I drink tons of water and try to eat healthy, but inevitabley I don't bring enough snacks everyday and go to the vending machine at some point...and I've only gained like a pound, which I also think is weird considering my eating.

Anyone else go through this?

Re: Starving all the time

  • I had food aversions early on in pregnancy, but once my morning sickness went away, I ate SO much. I couldn't stop eating! Every 2 hours I was stuffing my face :wink:
  • I'm in the same boat! I will be 10 weeks on Thurs. two days ago I woke up at 1:20am staaarrrving. For the first time in my life, I got up and scavenger hunted in the fridge. Ended up eating a bowl of Cheerios. But I'm hungry all day long - I end up eating 2 dinners because I'm hungry right before bed haha. I also have no morning sickness! 
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