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Anyone ever on mirena

I have been on it one week and reading horror stories.. want it out already.  anyone have any experience with this iud? is that rare

Re: Anyone ever on mirena

  • I had it for a few days, shortly after we had our third child.  Didn't like it because DH said he could feel it during sex.  So I had it taken out.
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  • its freaking me out cause im reading lots of negative stuff online.  I only had it two weeks and now im ovulating so im scared to take it out too soon.  even tho I have not had sex in a week and he withdrew. im stil paranoid ill be pregnant..

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  • I just got mine removed in September after having it in for 5 years. I absolutely loved it. Yes, hubby did feel it at first but after a few months, the strings softened and he was no longer able to feel them. I will say that getting Mirena wasn't the easiest for me. I was so scared due to the stories I'd heard. It took me three years to finally say "ok" to getting it. It took some getting used to but I wouldn't take it back. It was easy and I didn't have to think about it. Being able to be spontaneous with sex and not have to think about birth control was the best part. Lol
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