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Got Mirena and now I am terrified!!

I have only had it a week   Not sure if these headaches are from it or not but the more i read the more scared i am.. I read something about MS from it.. i think i am gonna call today and ask for it to come out asap.. i am too scared.. what are your thoughts? Anyone have this ? any issues

Re: Got Mirena and now I am terrified!!

  • I don't have mirena, I have the nexplanon, but I would give it more than a week. After getting mine in I had my first postpartum period and it was longer and heavier than my pre pregnancy periods. I was worried I was one of the people that just bled the whole time I had it. Now 5 months later, that was the only period I've had and my hormones seem much more balanced than they were on the pill. Talk to your doc, but I'd recommend giving it a bit longer. Your body is still getting used to it, which might explain why you feel different, but with time you may feel better.
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