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Am I too big for 24 weeks?!?!

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Hi, This is my second pregnancy and I had gestational diabetes and preeclampsia with my first, causing me to gain 80 lbs!! I started this pregnancy at 108 lbs (I'm 5'5) and I am 140 lbs now. I have a doc appt this Wednesday but I'm really afraid I'm getting too big too quickly again!!!! 

Re: Am I too big for 24 weeks?!?!

  • This can't possibly be a picture from yesterday. 

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  • This is either MUD or OP should get checked for a tumor.
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  • 1. That's not likely a 24 week bump unless you're pregnant with twins or triplets.

    2. If you're really concerned about gaining weight too fast, ask your doctor. They know your health history better than internet strangers.
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  • This is either MUD or OP should get checked for a tumor.
    I call MUD.

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  • If not MUD, have your blood sugars been within normal limits? Are you following the GD diet or insulin controlled?
  • First of all, I'm not a doctor but I still feel pretty confident in saying there is no way that's a singleton bump at 24 weeks.   Maybe a triplet bump....

    second of all, weight gain has nothing to do with your bump size.  But yes, 80 lbs is definitely more than the recommended weight gain for someone with a normal BMI.

    In your current pregnancy you have already gained 32lbs at 24 weeks so yes, you should be fully prepared that your doctor will tell you that you are gaining too much too quickly.  Your doctor should help you come up with a plan to manage weight gain for the remainder of your pregnancy

  • I also call MUD. I'm the same height and started at 140lb. And if you're really concerned, what do you expect from us then? We can't help you. Your doctor can.

  • Your profile pic looks almost identical to the pic you posted. GD and pre-e would not cause you to gain 30 lbs in just your belly by 24w, no way. Were you just bored and looking to stir things up today?

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  • Are you sure you didnt confuse your bump pics from last pregnancy? 24 weeks vs 34 weeks... 2nd trimester vs 3rd.... this baby vs that baby?
    MUD... if not please call your doctor!
  • I had to go look up what MUD meant. My best guess was "multiples undiscovered" haha.
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