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Cervix closed 37 weeks

I had my 2nd cervical check today, (FTM) and the Dr. said my cervix is still closed. I'm not too worried yet, but then he said he wanted to do an ultra sound next week to see how baby is measuring. (I haven't had on since 19 wk anatomy scan). I usually would ask why or at least if he had concerns but I didnt. Has any one else had an ultra sound this late in a low risk pregnancy?

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  • I had both of those things in both of my previous pregnancies.  In my case, neither of them indicated any concern.  Especially the closed cervix - mine has always stayed closed until right before labor.  
    In fact, I wish my doctor would do an ultrasound now.  I would love to know how big my baby is measuring and confirm that everything still looks OK.
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  • Hello, stranger. 

    My doctors' office has u/s machines handy so with both pregnancies I had some random u/s kinda just to take a peek. I'm not sure if your cervix is a concern of yours since that's your title but then you asked about the u/s, but don't worry about that either. It'll open eventually ;)
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  • High fives to @WinchesterGirl @NiceyMeany and @MrsDramaK for saying exactly what I was thinking.

  • I'm sorry. I didn't know there was a requirement for number of posts to be on this app. Thanks "community" for being kind humans. I won't be bothering you again. 
  • @NiceyMeany Twinzies
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  • Oh my @WinchesterGirl you normally are slow to anger lol. This one is for you...

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  • Grumbly today but I can't wrap my head around not asking why you're being sent for an US. Does not compute. 

  • OMG you're 37 weeks and *still* pregnant!? 
    Side-eyeing this one makes total sense  :D
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    I have had two ultrasounds in the last week and a half to do a biophysical profile and Doppler for the same reason. I am officially 40 weeks today and as of my appointment last Wednesday, I was still just a "fingertip" dilated. I am going insane at this point because I have been stuck at barely 1 or 1cm for over a month now and I am in so much discomfort. So long as your Physician hasn't given you an outright reason to be concerned, don't be. 
  • I'm over 40 weeks pregnant and have declined cervix checks. They don't actually mean anything and put you at more risk for infection. 
  • I'm 38 +1 and today was my first cervix check and that shop is closed up!  As long as she's moving and her heart is beating I'm fine with it for now 
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