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  • @scifichick09 sorry to hear the news, but I'm glad your doctor was straightforward with you. Best of luck!
  • I'm so sorry @scifichick09. I'm glad they're going to be able to induce soon and that they caught the issue in time. Let us know how it goes.

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  • @scifichick09 oh no fx everything is okay
  • So sorry @scifichick09 ; :( But glad your doctor was honest and helped you make the best decision for the situation. Wishing you all the luck! Keep us posted 
  • Oh wow,  I am sorry @scifichick09, I am glad your doctor was honest!   Good luck to you! 
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  • Thinking of you @scifichick09 and your little one! 
  • @scifichick09 ahhhh good luck! 
  • @scifichick09 whoa! It sounds like you are in great hands. good luck tonight!
  • Good luck tonight @scifichick09!! 
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  • Just had my 37 week appto.  Ultrasound from last week showed baby at 13th percentile :( but she's not being overly concerned and wants an ultrasound in approx 2 weeks. If she''s dropped any lower at next ultrasound she will be induced . 

    Gbs neg so yay to that 

  • Good luck @scifichick09! Fingers crossed for a safe delivery for you both! Xxx
  • whoa @scifichick09 talk about a worldwind! best of luck!!!!
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  • Good luck @scifichick09! Hope everything goes smoothly!
  • That's a crazy change @scifichick09! I'm sorry you're having to go through this, but glad they're being proactive. FX that everything goes good for the both of you and they're just being overly cautious. Good luck!
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  • @scifichick09 sounds like it's been an eventful day, and only starting! Sending you positive vibes for a smooth induction and that baby adjusts well. 

  • Good luck @scifichick09! Hope you and baby are okay, will be thinking of you.
  • At the dentists waiting for cora to have a procedure on a little tongue tie. This dentist is know as the tongue tie whisperer which is reassuring but also he just snips it with no anestetic and anticipating seeing my baby girl in any kind of pain is making me nervous!
  • How did she do @Janefelicity? Seeing a LO in pain is just heartbreaking...

  • @Janefelicity Cora is a brave girl! I'm glad it went well. How are you holding up? 
  • Good luck @sadiec92!  Sorry about the high BP but exciting for you to meet your baby soon. 
  • @krob I thought of you after she scheduled it, and wondered if maybe you'd happen to go into labor then too! Sending you all the labor ju-ju so we can continue being twins!

  • Oh my, I was so far behind on this thread... 

    @scifichick09 I'm sorry you needed the induction, but I hope everything is moving along and you are doing well!! Keeping you and your baby in my thoughts and prayers. 

    There's so many of you getting induced this week or over the weekend!! Looking forward to hearing that everyone has smooth inductions and healthy babies!! Goodluck!!
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    @Gretchypoo im doing so much better this week, thanks. Ive been feeling a lot healthier physically & mentally. I got my hair done on monday & getting my nails done on friday so starting to feel like myself again! Lol

  • Ultrasound appointment tomorrow, and OB appointment Friday
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  • @Janefelicity so glad Cora got through it! My son had to get his tongue tie clipped as well and I hated it! 
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