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My 9.5 month old hardly ever wears shoes. I have a bunch of cute ones that she only wears for special occasions or pictures because she takes them right off! But as she gets close to walking, I'm looking into which shoes to buy that she might leave on her feet and give the right support.  I know barefoot or socks is still best for walking around the house, but what types of shoes has you liked for your walkers?  Stride rite was recommended but it seems so expensive!  

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    We liked Stride Rite for L, but I agree they're too expensive. We were able to find some good deals via Amazon/Burlington /Marshalls occasionally. If you go Stride Rite, their "SRT" line was what we liked. They also have a cheaper line that sells at Target ("Surprize" I think), but I have found those to be quite rigid.

    Right now R has some Velcro wrap-around Skidders, which I like because they have supportive but non-rigid soles and are easy to adjust to fit her chubby foot, but they are also too easy for her to take off herself. I might look into getting her another pair of Skidders that aren't velcro.
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  • I like Stride Rite and Momo Baby. You can find both occasionally on zulily for less.
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  • @mb0112 This may be a dumb question but should babies don shoes before taking their first step? DS is cruising at the moment but I hardly ever put shoes on him and I'm wondering if I should start. 
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    @redselig I've read that even when they start walking, bare feet are best at home.  My baby is cruising and walking with her push walker, but not taking first steps yet, so I'm looking ahead and also plan on having her wear shoes at outdoor parks or other public places where she might be walking or attempting to.

    Around our house and at daycare she still just wears socks or bare feet. Out doing errands in a shopping cart or stroller I just have socks on her usually. 
  • DS goes barefoot/wears socks at home, then soft leather moccasins when we go out. He isn't walking yet though; just barely starting to cruise.
  • LO is cruising along furniture at this point and standing for long periods of time (15-20 seconds). Right now, he has lots of Jordan sneakers that were passed down from his 15 month old cousin. I plan on getting him at least two pair of Stride Rite sandals for his birthday.

  • I should add that my favorite booties that we use in place of socks/shoes during fall-spring are Melton booties. Lots of wiggle room, but they can't be taken off.
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