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March 2017 Moms

~* March 2017 Birth Announcements! *~

***Please do not comment on this thread unless it is your birth announcement***

Please use this thread to share baby's name, birth date, pictures, and any other details you would like to share as well as a link to your individual announcement thread. 

"Love Its" are welcome and appreciated on this thread, but please refrain from commenting with anything other than your baby's details. 
If you'd like to comment, please follow the link to the individual's announcement thread and comment there. 

Wishing everyone short, healthy, and happy births!!

@BumpAdmin please sticky
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Re: ~* March 2017 Birth Announcements! *~

  • Me: 24 DH: 27
    High School Sweethearts: 10/13/06
    Married: 10/13/13
    Baby #1 EDD: 3/20/17

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  • Kwitha8916Kwitha8916
    25 Love Its First Comment Photogenic
    edited January 2017
    Me: 31 Hubs: 35
    Met on EHarmony 2012
    Married: October 10, 2015
    Baby #1 EDD: March 24, 2017 
    Its a Boy! We're naming him Jack :smile:
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  • @mrsroy24 I love the headscarf in the first picture that matches the swaddle. Where did you get it?

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