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Am I the only one due in October so far? EDD October 2. Second child.
Married November 2009
Clara, August 2014 
Baby Boy due October 2017

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  • Lurking from September, there's a whole thread of women due in October who have been waiting on our board for this one to open. I've notified them, they will probably be on as soon as they see the board is up
  • Hi!!! Congratulations! I Just found out today :) EDD is somewhere from October 4-October 9 (I chart so October 9 is more accurate as I have long cycles). I can't believe I found out today because it's so early. I had a dream and decided to take a test and it was positive :open_mouth: first pregnancy ever
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  • YAY!!!! OCTOBER 2017 is open!!!!! 

    I'm going to quickly start an intro thread!!
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    Me: 30 DH: 31 

    TTC #1 May 2016
    BFP Jan 2017
    Due Oct 2017 
    Baby boy born Sept 2017

    TTC #2 Dec 2018
    BFP Jan 2019
    Due Sept 27th

  • I am do Oct. 2nd too! Second child as well! How old is baby #1?
  • DD is Sept 24, but, that's only an estimate given to me over the phone by a nurse. Curious to see how I'm actually measuring at my first appt on Mar 6, I'm convinced it will be an October baby like my first little (he turns 2 this Oct).
  • Hello!! I'm due with number 2, too! I had been waiting for an October board to open up! Wishing everyone a H&H 9 months!!
  • October 3rd! 6th baby for us  <3
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  • Yay October is open!! I tested early as well and looks like October 7 for me :)  I am due with #3

  • I'm due October 7 or 8 with baby number 2!
  • samrobins said:
    I am do Oct. 2nd too! Second child as well! How old is baby #1?
    My daughter was born August 2014
    Married November 2009
    Clara, August 2014 
    Baby Boy due October 2017
  • Hi all!!

    I'm due October 9th! My hubby and I are super excited about having our 1st!
  • Just curious, all the ladies posting their due date, have you had a doc appointment? Im just going off an app on my phone. Just curious. My doc doesn't even see me until i'm 8 weeks along! 
  • @kkerner87, I won't have a first OB appointment until 12 weeks. So I'm going based on LMP. Which is how my OB calculates it anyway 
  • @kkerner87 No appointment for me until the end of week 7 for me.
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  • @kkerner87 I know my date well since I'm doing Ivf. If you aren't temping to confirm ovulation the best you can do is go of first day of LMP. I also have more follow ups with the RE due to doing Ivf but I didn't see my OB with my first son until 8 weeks. 
    Me: 33 DH: 31
    DS: 5 years old
    TTC #2 since August 2015
    July 2016: Testing cycle with 100 mg Clomid = BFN
    August 2016: 50 mg Clomid + IUI = BFN
    October 2016: IVF#1 - 13 retrieved / 12 mature /  9 fertilized / 2 blasts
    November 2016: FET#1 = chemical
    January 2017: FET#2 = chemical
    March 2017: IVF#2 - 18 retrieved / 18 mature / 16 fertilized / 5 blasts
    April 24, 2017: FET#3 - BFN
    May 24, 2017: FET#4 - BFP! - Beta #1 151 - Beta #2 503 - Due date 2/9/18
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  • kkerner87  I temped while TTC, so I am basing my due date off of date of ovulation. Which would put me at October 2nd. If I went by LMP, I would be as early as September 23rd according to some apps! My midwife won't be seeing me until February 21st for our 1st apt.
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  • I just found out on the 31st! EDD October 14th! 
  • I found out on the 30th!! So very excited for my Oct 11th baby!! I also have a Dec 15 baby. 
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