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Second Preg vs. First?

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Hello! I had my first baby in November, and we are thinking about TTC #2 around his first birthday. For those of you who have 2 under 2, how did your second pregnancy and labor compare to your first? Was your second born early? Do you have any tips for preparing for pregnancy #2? I know everyone's experience is different, but I'm interested in seeing what the overall trend is. 

ETA: I thought of another question- any mamas who experienced BF supply issues the first time have any better luck the second time around?
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Re: Second Preg vs. First?

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    Pregnancies were pretty similar other than growth issues at the end with DD (#1), who came at 38w5. DS (#2) came at 39w4, but I had 3 weeks of contractions/ false labor before the real deal. DD was 6#3 and DS was 6#11. 

    Labor was exponentially faster with DS (6.5 hours vs 21.5) which has made recovery much better since I didn't start MOTN feedings exhausted. Both deliveries were quick (4&5 contractions) and had 2nd degree tears. 

    ETA - DD is a week short of 22 months older than DS. 
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  • I don't have any personal experience, but my SIL had 3 babies in a little over 3 years. Each labor was shorter than the last and each baby was born earlier than the last. Labor had to be stopped several times for her third and he ultimately ended up being born prematurely at 35 weeks. Obviously every woman/pregnancy is different though. My take away from her experience is to try, as hard as it may be, to take it easy during pregnancy. You have to have a support system. Have someone you trust watch your LO so you can have a break, lean on DH to do the majority of the housework etc.
  • DS is a year and a half and I'm 28 weeks with #2. Not done yet but so far this pregnancy has been easier in some ways and harder in other. The first trimester was tough. I had very severe nausea, vomiting and fatigue with both babies but it was obviously much more challenging to handle and take care of myself with a 1 year old to care for. Those few months were very challenging for our whole family to the point that we will not be having any more kids because I just don't think we could survive another pregnancy!

    Once that passed though it's actually been a much easier pregnancy. Last time I had back and foot pain as early as 20 weeks and this time I still feel great! I'm sure I'll get sore towards the end but in general my body seems to be handling the extra weight a lot better, like it was already ready and shaped properly to deal with it if that makes sense. 
  • My boys are 20 months apart. Both pregnancies were relatively easy, although my second was more difficult because I was chasing around a toddler and the magic of the first-time was gone. ;) My first labor was very difficult. I was in labor for 25 hours and I pushed for 6 hours. Thank god for the epidural or else I'm not sure I would've made it. ;) But with my second my labor was about 7 hours and I pushed for about 10 minutes and had no epidural because by the time I asked for one I was fully dilated. So, that part was good. Also, baby-wise, I found the first year with DS2 MUCH easier. 
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  • My second pregnancy I was more nauseous for longer and a lot more tired (but in worse shape). Second one came much earlier. DD was born via induction at 41+4 with no signs of labor and DS was born at 39 weeks with early labor starting at 38+5. My recovery was much easier second time around. Only a couple of
    stitches vs. second degree tearing last time.
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  • I had no bad symptoms (nausea etc) with any of my 4 pregnancies. I definely think recovery is easier after your second because your body has already done it. Plus you know what to expect. I personally had very easy pregnancies and deliveries. I did tear with my first baby but he was my biggest and I was a petite teenager. Every woman and pregnancy is different. All my chilsren came past their EDD except my fourth baby. He came 1 day before. 
  • Thank you all for your replies! We just found out a few days ago that we'll be having 2 under 2 (if everything goes well)! DS 1 will be around 18 months when this baby arrives! We're nervous, but so excited :)
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  • My first baby went 1 week over, they broke my water at 8am and I had her at 1pm so I didn't think it would get much faster but I was wrong! Baby #2 came exactly on his due date, we made it to the hospital at 9:05 and had him at 9:59! 
    1st labor I had an epidural, I asked for one this time but anesthesiologist didn't make it in time and had to go natural.

    1st baby my breasts were engorged, breastfeeding was super painful and never felt like I had enough. I never had any freezer supply, that's for sure. 2nd one I can freeze a 6oz bag almost every day and boobs feel A LOT better! 
  • Just had my 2nd, and my pregnancies were completely 360 from each other!! My son I was sick from 3 months (when we found out) til the last week, I had sore boobs, my sense of smell was crazy high, I had cravings constantly. He was smaller than my daughter though and I gained about 5 more pounds with her than him. My daughter we didn't find out til I was 6 months. I had no idea. No nausea, no soreness, no heightened senses. But I had 2 jobs and was stressing over a babysitter and my fiances job was being dumb and stressful too. So I had no idea, just thought I was stressed out when I had some slight stomach issue for a month. Towards the end I had some pelvic discomfort and pain in my back. I had severe heartburn with both pregnancies. For labors, I was induced both times. Stayed in the hospital 4 days each time. My babies were 1208 am and 1210 am, January and July lol so that was cool. It took a total of 40 minutes to get my son out, took 8 minutes (im not exaggerating) for my daughter. Both labors were long, but weren't horrible lol

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