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Beechnut Baby Food Reviews

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Seeking opinions on Beechnut baby foods from moms who use this brand. Can't decide if I want to make or buy LO's food (he's only four months right now, so still working with oatmeal cereal only at the moment), but I think I'm going to end up buying. If I do I want to make sure it's organic and tastes very similar to the fruits and veggies that it's made of. And...go! :) Thanks in advance. 

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  • I buy beech nut and I also make my own food. Beech nut is nice back up when I don't have anything ready for daycare. LO likes it just fine.
  • I use Beechnut and make when I can.  LO has no problem and is just figuring out what she likes/dislikes.  I've tried small samples myself, to help show her, and I think it tastes like the actual fruit and vegetables.
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  • I haven't tried any of the baby foods yet but I can say that making baby food is easier than I thought it would be.  I make about 2 weeks worth food at a time with the baby bullet and it takes maybe 3 hours total but just because I'm waiting for food to freeze so I can use the tray again to freeze more food. The actual time I spend making things is less than that. I do want to get some organic baby food jars to help stretch out cooking days but not sure which brand to go with.
  • I make my own and buy jar baby food. I have bought beech nut and gerber. I just read the back and make sure there are no additives besides the actual fruit/vegetable/ (becAuse that's important to me).
  • I make my LO veggies but I buy the fruits for him.  I do buy the beechnut and he LOVES it.  Making the food really wasnt as much trouble as I thought it was going to be.  For the amount of food that you can make for the cost vs what it cost for baby food you will actually save a lot of money.  I am still new to it so I havnt ventured out to make the fruits yet.  
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    I make food for at home and send jars of Beechnut to daycare because it's just easier for them to store it if it doesn't need to be refrigerated. He really likes the Beechnut stuff (they have some really good blends!) and I've tasted all of them and they're pretty good. I inherited a lot of Gerber from a neighbor whose kid just outgrew the baby food stage, and LO definitely doesn't like it as much.

    Making it is actually pretty easy. I already meal prep for myself on the weekends, so it wasn't hard to add in blending up some baby food, too. I made about a month's worth last weekend in about an hour while LO was napping.

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  • I think Beechnut has great blends and the ingredients are exactly what it says it is (and organic). BUT I think I may have ruined LOs palette with them because all the veggies seem mixed with fruits - so when I tried to feed him peas on their own he refused. Won't eat green beans either. I'm probably going to just offer veggies for awhile and treat Beechnut as fruits since even when mixed with veggies they're predominantly sweet tasting. 
  • L Bug loves Beechnut veggies (mostly peas and squash), but I'm struggling to get her to eat anything other than pear, fruit-wise. They're cheaper than Gerber (at least where I'm at). I've also been saving the jars for when I get around to making my own food... or for crafts :)
    I totally recommend them.

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  • Our LO is just starting on foods and so far he LOVES the beachnut sweet potatoes.  They only have a couple stage 1 ones so I am also trying another organic brand.  I am going to be making his food but didn't want to waste a ton of food if he didn't like a flavor so decided to start with some organic premade stuff.
  • I currently make my own baby purees but when I am in a pinch I prefer Beechnut organics, LO loves them :) and I like that the only ingredients are actually just the fruit/veggie.
  • I can't help on the brand, but just wanted to say making food is way easier than I thought. And generally cheaper. Just my two cents! 
  • i start out buying foods to see what he likes, then when i know he likes something, i make my own. 
  • I make my own when I have the time, but I also use the BeechNut for daycare and traveling purposes as its easier to store. LO loves the sweet potatoes, the pumpkin and the pears. On occasion (when they are on sale!) I will buy the Plum Organics pouches, they have some good ones too but are a little pricey.
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