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TTTC board graduates (BFP warning)

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Here are the success stories from our board.   Congratulations and best of health to them and the little ones!

2016 Graduates
stac12679: dx: Bilateral tubal blockage  Rx: mini IVF
tripplek1988: dx: PCOS  Rx: Clomid
KidShrink: dx:Immature follies, thin lining   Rx: Femara/Ovidrel/Prometrieum
krbjoy: dx: unexplained, low AMH, fibroids  Rx:Lupron, Follistim, Menopur + trigger
AdorkablePixie: dx: Hpyothalmic amenorrhea   Rx: Menopur, Ovidrel, IUI
kistra: dx: MFI  Rx: Clomid, Ovidrel, IUI
mylienc: dx:low follicle count  Rx: Clomid + Novarel
CopperLane:  dx: PCOS  Rx: natural BFP before taking Clomid
Alyeena dx: PCOS + MFI  Rx: modified IVF + ISCI
riveridgional: dx: Unexplained, hypothyroidism, suspected ovulatory dysfunction  Rx: injectibles
Aera11: dx:mild PCOS Rx: Clomid
BrightenMySky dx: MFI  Rx: Clomid+IUI
turtle148: dx: LPD  Rx: Clomid + progesterone
vnegron87: dx PCOS  Rx: Clomid, trigger, donor sperm
MrsB627: dx PCOS+kidney disease Rx: Clomid + Metformin
LGW2015 dx: possible MFI  Rx: Clomid
lily55d dx: Endo + PCOS Rx: metformin, Femara and progesterone.
BlissfulWifey: dx: Anovulatory: Rx: Clomid + Progesterone + trigger
MorganL925: dx MFI Rx:  femera, HCG trigger + IUI + progesterone
ShallowSeas dx: Unexplained Infertility  Rx: Letrozole + TI
twomommiestobe:  dx: annovulatory/pcos and DW-endometriosis Rx: reciprocal IVF
22mango22: BFP during testing
NordyMN89 dx: unexplained infertility, possibly PCOS Rx: letrazole + IUI
graphicgranite: dx: Possible PCOS Rx: Clomid + testing
benten24 dx: irregular cycles, spontaneous BFP during testing phase
erica0901: dx: Unexplained  Rx:IVF (spontanteous BFP after 5 unsuccessful IUI's)
yellingbanana: dx: PCOS  Rx: Letrozole, metformin, trigger, TI
LGW2015 dx: PCOS Rx: Clomid
Malone24 dx: uterine polyp, LPD, possible non-PCOS polycystic ovaries  Rx: HCG
babyexpress: dx: unexplained  Rx: Clomid + IUI (bfp on a break)
Drove2u: dx:unexplained  Rx: IVF
ceclarlinetlo: DX: septate uterus and PCOS   Rx: hysteroscopic resection; low carb diet, exercise, myoinositol
JDW0325 dx: Unexplained Rx: Femara + trigger + IUI
Tulips29 dx: PCOS Rx: IVF
mackenzie07: dx: Endo + PCOS  Rx: Provera, metformin, possible IVF
echo+november: dx: PCOS Rx: Letrozole, trigger
Ducks&Cats: dx: PCOS Rx: Clomid
GoatSnakeMouse: dx: MFI
Soon2bemissG: dx: PCOS  Rx: Metformin + provera
MrsB627: dx: PCOS + Kidney Disease Rx: Clomid (going into testing)
ale9687 dx: Anovulation  Rx: Provera, estrogil, Clomid, trigger + IUI
linzylemonz365: dx: PCOS, Rx: Clomid
kayla1232: dx endo Rx: surgery + TI
clt2pwm11: dx:anovulatory PCOS  Rx: letrozole + trigger + iui
StephyM89 dx: anovulatory PCOS Rx Provera, Femara/Gonal-F injections, IUI and Progesterone
SummerBrooke13 dx:anovulation, amenorrhea, congenital adrenal hyperplasia  Rx: metformin
wifeinraleigh28 dx: MFI  Rx: IVF, ISCI
saphiresweetie88 dx:irregular periods
Megzb510: dx: potential blocked tube Rx: IVF
kem0514: dx: MFI, anovulatory PCOS, possible blocked tube  Rx: Clomid & Ovidrel

2017 Graduates
BecauseLove dx: amenorrhea, PCOS  Rx: IVF
MandyBeeSLP: dx: low progesterone, borderline PCOS, vitamin D insufficiency Rx:  IUI with letrozole
MountainLady: dx: Unexplained, Rx: Letrozole
kd0202: dx: Unexplained, LPD Rx: Clomid 50mg
pawcall: dx: MFI(morph) + testing Rx: unmedicated IUI
PoeMasque dx: unexplained Rx: IVF
MJDsquared : dx: PCOS Rx:Letrozole
greenange dx: anovulatory PCOS w/insulin resistance Rx: Metformin, Letrozole, trigger + TI
mrswifeytoad:  dx: PCOS  Rx: metformin + Clomid
SunflowerMama428: dx: pcos, blocked fallopian tube Rx: clomid
vintageandrea90: dx:PCOS  Rx:Femara + trigger + TI
MooFish2364 fibroid + endo Rx: surgery + TI
tinabell8: dx: unexplained, RPL Rx: IUI w/ letrozole
mac627: dx: DOR Rx: IVF
laurad75 dx: possible DOR  Rx: IVF

Married for 7 years, TTC for 4 years
dx:  Diminished Ovarian Reserve
2 Clomid IUI's + 4 injectable IUI's= 5 BFNs and 1 mc


Re: TTTC board graduates (BFP warning)

  • ** lurker** 

    Hopefully 2017 will have even more success stories :)
    Me:28 | DH: 28
    Married: 07-2014
    TTC #1: Since November 2015
    Restarted TTC "count" Oct. 2016
         due to previous issues.
    BFP: 11/4/2016
     BabyFruit Ticker

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  • It's difficult for me to consider my mc a success story... I wonder of anyone else feels that way. 
    My fingers are crossed for 2017 to be all of our's year! 

    Trigger warning

    me: 28 dh: 34
    married since October 2015-started trying immediately
    dx: PCOS, anovulatory
    rx: provera metformin progesterone
    BFP August 2016- early mc- Enoch Matthis
    1 clomid cycle (March 2017)
    BFP March 2017  ~  EDD December 13, 2017
    di/di TWINS!!!!! vanishing twin- Hannah Jordan
    DS-Nov 23, 2017- emergency induction-- Pre-eclampsia
    *End TW*
    BFP Sept.2019

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  • @mrswifeytoad I didn't realize that your name was still on this list...  I'm so sorry, I'll fix that right now.    FX for everyone in 2017!

    Married for 7 years, TTC for 4 years
    dx:  Diminished Ovarian Reserve
    2 Clomid IUI's + 4 injectable IUI's= 5 BFNs and 1 mc

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