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Gianormous Child?

Haven't had time for posting in a very long time, but figured I'd try to get back into it again. Just curious to see how everyone's growth is moving along? LO had been diagnosed with failure to thrive in the first few months of his life, but has seemed to make up for what he lost and then some. He's 9 months old, but already in his 18month old clothing, 2-4 year old socks, and weighs 25.6lbs and is almost 33" long...He's not even really chubby...I mean his cheeks are, but otherwise it's not anything crazy and the height and weight seem proportional. The dr. has told me that if he continues at this rate, he'll probably be 6 ft 7in when he's done growing. Not concerned or anything, just curious if anyone else has birthed a Spartan. 

Re: Gianormous Child?

  • I remember your struggles with failure to thrive and am so happy to hear he's doing well! 

    My son was 5 pounds at birth and consistently in the 20th percentiles, then suddenly sprouted and now he's sooooo long! I called him Peanut since birth, and now the nickname doesn't fit as I dress him in 18M and even 2T in some brands. But he'll always be my Peanut. 
  • I have a chunker. Just turned 8 months old and weighs 24.7 lbs. He just started crawling so I'm sure he will start to slim down now :(
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  • @Missingchampagne So glad to hear that your LO is getting so big too! How's it been juggling the business and being a new mom? Our business has really taken off this year, and I've been finding it difficult sometimes to juggle both. It's definitely starting to get easier, but there are some days that I just think what have we gotten ourselves into. haha. 

    @lisatib He is just so cute! What a little chunk, I love little baby rolls. It's crazy to think that all of the kids are starting to crawl already and I'm glad that I'm not the only one that is going to have their hands full with a big boy and an even bigger grocery bill in another year or so!
  • DD was born huge at 11lb 2oz. She skipped newborn clothing all together but was only about a month ahead of things until this last month. All of a sudden she grew taller and now has to wear 12-18 month clothing. She weighs about 23 pounds but is really looong. Everything is either short and fits in the waist or way too big in the waist and right for height. Thankfully the cloth diapers help to add some bulk to her bottom so I can usually keep pants on her.
    @lisatib he is so adorable!!! I wish DD would have some chunk to her, but she is a skinny string bean. 
  • Yup, 12 month onesies and 18 month pants.  He's 21lb11oz and 29 inches, he's not huge but still big.  My DD was teeny tiny so I'm not used to this
  • My guy is a little shrimp with a big head lol.  His body weight (17lbs and some ounces) and height (27inches) are in like the 19th percentile according to the growth charts, but his head size is in the 90th.  Big brains this child has lol.  He eats well but is on the move all the time, the boy does not sit still.
  • 8 months and wearing 12 and 18 month clothes. She is about 23 pounds and 29 inches long with a giant head, 99th percentile from birth. She does wear cloth diapers, which makes it common to wear pants a size larger than she would with a disposable, but she is actually wearing 18 month pants already and some of them are tight. She was over 11 pounds when she was born though, so she has always been a chunk. 
  • My LO is tall, 95th  for height, 75th for weight. He is 31 inches long and about 23 pounds. He is wearing 18 month onesies and 12 month pants.  18 month pants are still too big though. There is such a big difference between his 12 month pants and 18 month pants,  same brand. It's crazy!
  • I've got a big guy over here too. He's 23 lbs and 31 inches. I can't remember the exact head measurement but it was 99th percentile. He just never stops eating haha. He still nurses or takes expressed 8 times a day and is up to 4 4-ounce servings of baby food and1 serving of oatmeal a day. It's ridiculous! He's in 18-24 month clothes because of length mostly. DD has always been a peanut so we aren't used to having a kiddo so big! 
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