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First reactions when reading the BFP!

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On New Year's Day, I took the test with my husband by my side. I was still sitting on the toilet as we watched with anticipation and quickly saw the test changing both of us saying "that looks like a plus, omg that the plus!" Cried and hugged after! Best way to start this year. 

What was was your first reaction? Happy, sad, mad- let's hear them all! 

Re: First reactions when reading the BFP!

  • Sorry you had such a crappy first appointment. I recall mine with DS being very different. Truly, these first 7-8 weeks are tough if you don't see a doctor until then. I just set the angst aside and remind myself that nothing I fret about will change anything. Good luck!

  • Thank you for your support! I changed this post because I accidentally posted the other one twice (newbie over here). You're exactly right though, no use in worrying over something you can't change. 
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  • My first thought was, "is that a second line? Really? Or are my eyes just playing tricks?" 
  • I was literally on the phone with my mom when I saw the line appear. I had called her just to do my daily check in, not to talk about anything else lol. I just noticed my period was a day late (we weren't TTC so I didn't expect anything. I've taken a million negative tests in the past) well, when it went positive I just blurted it out over the phone and she was crying tears of joy. I was freaked out telling SO. And of course he had to crack a "guess we are breaking up" joke although he was totally kidding and excited about it. It's all he can do to wait to tell the whole world lol. 
  • I had all my daily tests lined up, and noticed that the previous day's test had developed an extremely faint pink line.  I knew it was possibly an evap, but it was pink, not grey.  I tried to show it to DH, and he couldn't see it.  That morning's test was just as faint, but came up in the three minutes.  Once again, he couldn't see it.  I ended up posting it on my Bride Month Group, and they confirmed that they saw it, so I started freaking out!  It took two days before it was dark enough for his eyes.  He just wasn't used to staring at negatives I guess!
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  • We had been TTCAL and I was used to getting BFN or just starting CD1 a day or so early. So this time I decided on CD14 to take a test and not look at it until the timer went off. I kept saying "you know it's going to be negative" so when I picked it up and saw two lines I started to cry. I ran back to the bedroom and woke my fiancé up so he could look at it. He refused to get excited until a couple of days later when the lines got darker but he is stoked! 

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  • Disbelief. I was only 9dpo and it was taken on a whim in the afternoon. Nothing appeared at first but then a super faint line popped up
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    Blessed  <3o:)
  • Disbelief!  Happiness, excitement, nervousness, scared, etc.  A lot of "no way..."
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  • While I'm extremely happy about it (and was then) we weren't TTC so I was just taking a test to pacify the gyno cause I knew her first word would be "Have you taken a test?" on the phone. So I used a 6 months expired digital test that came up the BFP.

    I was like "no way..." thinking that it was positive because it was expired. I told my fiance "ummm can you read this?" (I totally failed at how to break the news to him lol - he thought it was a joke because it was our anniversary of being engaged for 4 years too...) He read it and his eyes bugged out of his head kind of like a cartoon, lol, in a cute way though. Just complete shock / surprise. We've both always wanted kids though, just we never thought I could have any. 

    I took another (also expired) test and it came up the same. Then we bought 2 more and they came up - I'm like 4 tests probably don't lie at this point. Then when the blood test results came back I almost totally believed it. And when we saw the ultrasound  with egg/yolk sacs I'm almost 100% sunk in to the news.

    Now I just need to see a heartbeat I think for it to completely sink in lol, so hopefully this Friday's ultrasound.

    It's only been 10 days since I found out so it's only starting to sink in. I've had loss in the past, so I think I'm not getting my hopes up all the way, but I'm ecstatically happy all the same.  

  • DH and I were actively TTGP.  I checked on the Friday night before Christmas, we were leaving to head to my parent's house that evening.  I took a test, it was negative, and forgot to throw it out.  Later, (out of the time range) I looked and saw the faintest, squintiest line ever.  I thought it was an evap line, TBH.  I didn't tell DH bc I thought they were neg.  Early the next morning I had the same result- the tests were all wondfos before this- but I had a digital.  I decided to make sure, just so I could have wine later.  No one was as shocked as me when it said YES.  
    After DH got up, I put together a newborn size outfit and a newborn diaper and the digital and gave it to DH as a Christmas present.  With DS, I just came out of the bathroom (totally naked after a shower, haha) and started crying.  He thought it was negative at first, bc I was crying so much.
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  • My first thought was, "is that a second line? Really? Or are my eyes just playing tricks?" 
    This is exactly what I thought. I always take a test with lines and then if it's positive I take a digital so I'm not guessing if there is a faint line. 

    I took a test on 12/31 and it was negative but I felt different then I waited until 1/2 and there was a faint line. I came down stairs and showed DH and he was like omg. We both kind of chuckled because we were trying but not expecting it to happen quick. Each pregnancy is different so I wasn't expecting it to be so quick. At least DH didn't look like he was about to faint like last time lol
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  • So I'm nursing my almost 1 year old, my cycles are so irregular. I had a 34 day and then a 28 day cycle so I thought things were evening out.. the next cycle I (apparently) ovulated on CD 34 but I didn't know that, I just thought stress was making AF late! I tested and tested for like a week and had a ton of negatives. My OPK/HPT combo pack came in the mail so I decided to see if I was ovulating, I did an OPK and a HPT. The line immediately showed up on the OPK and I was like oh okay I'm ovulating on CD 46? Then I looked over at the HPT and saw the line there. I did a double take just like when I took my first test with DS. I couldn't believe it, I made DH pick up some FRER from Walgreens to double check! So thrilled to be having #2 but super SUPER terrified. Had a traumatic birth with DS and I'm scared I'm going to have to have a repeat c-section, also scared of something bad happening if I try for a VBAC.... Also terrified to have 2 under 2. Feeling all the feels.
  • @ColoradoHiker with my first I ran out of the bathroom with my pants around my knees crying like a crazy person... haha! No judgement there!  :D
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    DH was still on shift at the firehouse when I tested. I was certain I was out this month and felt like I was coming down with something thanks to morning sickness that lasted all day. AF was due to start that day, so I knew it would be negative and another depressing day since February would mark 6 years of TTC. I didn't even look at it until the timer went off. The positive didn't register with my brain at first. Grumbling about stupid FRERs and their evap lines, I finally realized that it wasn't an evap line it was too dark.

    I couldn't believe the test was positive! I had been out of the country for most of tht cycle and had given up on trying to temp thanks to crazy sleep schedules and time zone differences. Somehow we managed to have perfect timing and finally got our BFP!

    I had to call my dogs into the bathroom with me to tell them they were getting a sibling. They were so excited! My great Dane had to give me big hugs. It was precious. I'm sure in some fashion they must comprehend / know because they have been more loving and protective of their mommy than normal.

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  • JNR6510 said:
     I'm sure in some fashion they must comprehend / know because they have been more loving and protective of their mommy than normal.
    My dogs are like that too, especially my rottweiler. We call her Mama Diva anyway and she has to sit right next to me all the time. Lol

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  • I was 100% shocked... I had gotten a BFN 2 days before (at 10 dpo, which is when I had gotten a BFP before) and had cramped allll day, so I was sure my period was coming. 

    I actually only took another test because I was sad I wasn't pregnant and had every intention of drinking an entire bottle of wine, lol. I figured, since I had never actually started bleeding I would take a test to be 100% sure. I was so sure it would be negative, I left it in the bathroom for almost 10 minutes while I was finishing up laundry. So when I saw that very clear second line I was completely shocked... but over the moon thrilled, of course! 
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  • @JNR6510  I have said the same thing about my dog... he has been wanting to lay on my belly for the past couple of weeks. 
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  • @JNR6510  I have said the same thing about my dog... he has been wanting to lay on my belly for the past couple of weeks. 
    Awe! How precious! 

    My two are laying on my lap now too.
  • @JNR6510 Oh my goodness... so sweet! I have always wanted a Great Dane.
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  • I was terrified because financially we are not stable right now and with our DD only being 7 months old having another baby was farther down the line for us. But after talking to my stepmom and my so we were able to calm down and realize that two under two won't be a terrible thing. Now we are excited
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  • I have to admit I was a bit shocked and frantic when I found out. I realized that I probably missed my period and that I ought to take a test just in case. My husband (bless his heart) was very excited and supportive whereas I was worried about finances, finishing my college certificate program and on top of that traveling to Arizona in May while being pregnant ( we live in MI). It took a couple of days but I am getting excited and am in full on planning/preparing mode. :)
  • I was shocked! Luckily for us it was our first month trying so I wasn't expecting to see a BFP. I took one early in the morning when I first peed and i didn't see a 2nd line so I went back to bed. Then a few hours later something told me to look at it again, so I did and I saw the faintest line. This was with cheap test from Amazon so I wasn't sure. So I took a FR test and it showed up immediately. My husband was already on his way to work so I called him and told him to come back for something lol. 
  • I was happy and nervous. At dpo 10 I took a test and it came back with nothing so I thought I was out. But I started having a few symptom which I just brushed off as pms. Was going to hang out with some friends on Friday and was going to have some wine so decided to test again and I got a faint line, so I tried not to excited and wanted to buy a better pregnancy test. Weather kept me at my friends for the night so the next day I finally got home and took another cheap test and this one came back positive quickly and was dark. :) I cried when I told my dh. 
  • I expected to see a negative because I had been testing before and they were all negative. I was about to throw it out and looked at it again and couldn't believe my eyes. I was shaking, my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest, and I was sweating. I have a 5 month old baby boy so this was a total shock. I also had very bad PPA/PPD after my son, that I'm still taking medication for, so that played a factor of me freaking out when I saw the second line. Now I'm excited though. 
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    I was ecstatic - I had super squinters on 12dpo and expected the internet cheapies to be a regular squinter/faint line the next morning, but it wasn' was the same or maybe even lighter than the previous night. But I promised some friends on TB I'd take an frer in the morning, so I did, and it was a blazer! Not sure what was wrong with the cheapies I was using....whatever!

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  • @BigBadWolf12 mine was totally the opposite! I was using [email protected] from amazon and the line was a few shades darker than the FRER! I wasn't expecting that at all!
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