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Floor Bed for One Year Old

Another sleeping question here. :) Any advice is much appreciated. I rock and nurse my son to sleep and we co-sleep. After I rock him to sleep I normally just hold him while I watch TV until we go to sleep. I have tried putting him in his crib many times but he always, always wakes up either immediately or soon after. I still enjoy co-sleeping but I would like to have some hands free time after he goes to sleep. I am considering a floor bed for him in his room where I could nurse him to sleep and then bring him to bed if (when) he wakes up. Has anyone else done this with success? Anyone have a mattress recommendation? I have been looking at a Naturepedic twin. My husband really wants us to be able to put him down at least at first so I'm hoping to make this work. Thanks in advance!

Re: Floor Bed for One Year Old

  • This works really well for us. We had a twin mattress before we had our son, so we just use that. It frees me up during naps and gives me a chance to watch TV.
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  • I always nursed my son to sleep on a floor bed. We had a full size and now a queen (he's 3.5) so we still lay down with him until he falls asleep but now he sleeps through the night alone. I recommend abed that doesn't jiggle when you get up!
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  • I had the same problem when my daughter was 18-months and I asked the same question to an AP Facebook group. They suggested I convert her crib to a bed (full-size, not the toddler bed, so we could both fit comfortably), nurse her to sleep, then sneak out! It worked perfectly! It still does now even though she hasn't nursed in a year.
    Also, definitely get big bed rails!
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  • Put your baby to bed when he is tired but not asleep. Waking up in a different position and place can be confusing to them and upsetting.
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    I agree with megmansell - we've always put our (now) 18 month old to bed drowsy by awake, and we find that she sleeps so much better for it.
  • Yes, we also strived to put the babies to bed while they were still awake... drowsy but not asleep. We also did the floor bed for a short time and it worked well for us.
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    We had great success with a floor bed with DS1 and 2. I'd nurse (or DH would snuggle) toddler down in his own bed. At first night-waking after we were in bed, he'd would come in with us for the remainder of the night.

    I have a Naturpedic crib mattress that is fine but I can't speak to the twin.

    ETA: I just realized this is an old post. I saw it at the top so I assumed it was new. Anyway, I hope that you've found something that works for you over these months.
  • Wanted to add that drowsy but awake only briefly worked for us. Now he is back to needing to be totally out to go in the crib. Sounds good in theory, but doesn't always work in practice.
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  • We moved our 15 month old to a floor bed at 12 month. So glad we did. I still BF but we give him a bottle at bed so both me and dh can put him down. He ends up in our bed for a nurse around 4am and stays till we get up. It's a good compromise.
  • Moved our kiddos to a mattress on the floor almost as soon as they could walk. It was glorious. Lol
  • My sons had a floor bed since he was about a year old and it works perfectly for us. He nurses to sleep and then i can get up and do whatever. 
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  • We have king tempurpedic on the floor we all cosleep in. Mom dad big sis and baby man. It works great and my Lo can get up and down with ease. Turning one this month. Our mattress is only about ten inches and has zero voice factor and is firm.
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