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Deployment and TTC

My husband is currently deployed. He had leave over the holidays and I went to visit, and on a whim we decided to start trying. It'll be a few more weeks before we can tell if we were successful (though, to be honest, I kind of doubt it). I won't even be able to visit him for another four months- and that's if he can get leave again! If not, we'll have to wait 8 months until he's home to try again.

I'm going nuts playing the waiting game. Anyone else find themselves in a similar spot?
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Re: Deployment and TTC

  • I've never been in a similar spot but wanted to wish you good luck! Deployments are tough without TTC as well, stay strong. FX that you get your BFP soon!
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  • If you don't get a bfp this month, maybe try to focus on getting your life ready for a baby. Get yourself in the best shape you can and build healthy habits. Make sure you have a healthy savings to cover expenses and emergencies. And do all the things you won't be able to pregnant/ with kids. Go out with your girlfriends, travel, do something spontaneous. And if you feel like you have to do something TTC related read Taking Charge of Your Fertility, get a basal thermometer and start temping. That way when you are able to visit you can try and time it the best you can. The Trying to get pregnant group here is very helpful with temping stuff.

    Good luck!
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  • We had a similar situation. There was a two week window between his pre-deployment training and deployment, and I found out we were pregnant a few days after he had left. I was very thankful I had gotten pregnant, but my plan if we hadn't was to get in great shape, eat healthy, and saving money to make it all a bit easier. I hope you conceived!! Keep us updated!
  • We were in a similar situation!

    We were NTNP for years, then when he came home from his last deployment he was finally ready to start really trying. "Yay!" I thought. He PCAd to a different squadron and wouldn't you know every time I ovulated he was out of town, just for a few days...maybe a week or two. We *just* missed it for months.

    Last year we had three shots, and he wasn't even deployed! 
    We PCSd in June, and finally got to try like normal people. Still took a few months  :)

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