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A MIL just can't let couple be the ones to reveal baby's gender...

Re: A MIL just can't let couple be the ones to reveal baby's gender...

  • I would have been pissed had I been the DIL.

  • Holy Cow!  I read these horror stories, and while my MIL is not the greatest, I'm thankful I have her and not these other Monster in laws.  
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  • I think I would have snuck in her house and poured glitter everywhere...
  • I feel bad for anyone who has to encounter that lady.
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  • I feel like my MIL is pretty bad, but it is always good to check out that forum to see how good I really have it in comparison!
  • This is  :o  Sadly, this makes me feel better about my IL situation.
  • Wow! I would be livid if someone stole our thunder like that!!!

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  • My MIL ranks up there.  When we had our first, she wanted me to attend the baby shower hubby's extended family was throwing for us via Skype.  We lived 7 hours away and they were going to do the shower when I was 36 weeks pregnant.   I asked if she could hold off on the shower until I could be there and they could have a shower and a meet and greet the new baby.  She got all huffy and said "forget it.  Babies aren't supposed to be at the shower."

    She instead invited all the relatives any ways and had a shower without my knowledge or inviting me, the mother of the baby. I found out when the gifts showed up and a note from DH's grandma who said she was honored to have been able to help host the shower....

    Let's just say it's been lots of fun with my MIL all the years we've had kids (which is going on 7 now)
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  • If anything it's a warning to those wanting to have gender reveal parties. I would say always take the option of giving a sealed envelope to the baker. Even if you have sane people hosting the party you run the risk of them telling "just one person" the gender, and then it gets back to you, or spreads to all the other guests, before the party even happens.

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