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Big Sibling Gifts?

Anyone putting together big brother/sister gifts from the baby? I thought it'd be cool to have a little something at the hospital the first time he comes to visit. So far I found a little hospital bracelet that says "Big Brother". Most other stuff I've seen on Pinterest is just coloring books and snacks and stuff. Didn't know if any of you ladies had any other ideas? 
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Re: Big Sibling Gifts?

  • DS is too small for him to understand so we won't be doing one but maybe a special picture frame that he can put a picture of just him and the LO in?
  • I got a cake topper for my daughter that says big sister and going to order either a cupcake or small cake for her when the day comes
  • I haven't thought of a gift, so I'm following to see what others are doing. 

  • I have't decided what I'll do, but I'd love to do something for her.  Looking forward to hearing from you ladies that have done this in the past or have already thought something brilliant up!

  • I was thinking about doing this!! ...but my DD will still be so little and clueless so I'm not sure I will. Was thinking maybe a new baby doll of her own to take care of 
  • Dd was 20 months last time, so I just brought her favorite "big sister" book to the hospital and we read it with the baby! Not a gift per say, but she was so little, I'm not sure a gift would have been helpful for her to commemorate the day. 

  • @Gators&;BoSox I love the frame idea! DS loves taking pictures with his little FP camera (which was another idea I saw!) so I bet he'd like that.

    @mcdonald-bailey but... I'd have to restrain myself from eating the cake. :) That's an adorable idea!
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  • Yes! 

    My son has a monkey wubanub (you know, those pacifiers with animals stuck to them?) that he loves, so I think I am going to take him to pick one out for the baby. (he doesn't even use pacifiers, it's just a chewy and lovey to him.)

    The baby will be giving him some kind of activity tgat will keep him absorbed while I'm nursing. I'm thinking about those melissa and Doug reusable sticker sets. 

    I'm so interested to hear other ideas!
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  • kjd291 said:
    I was thinking about doing this!! ...but my DD will still be so little and clueless so I'm not sure I will. Was thinking maybe a new baby doll of her own to take care of 
    I got my son one for christmas. I figure I want to use it to teach him about babies through role play before the big day.
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  • We got my 6 yr old DS the book, "Babies Don't Eat Pizza" for Christmas. It is a cute book that explains exactly everything that is happening to me, what to expect for him, and the changes that will occur. We read it a few times a week and talk about what is going to happen. I also answer any questions he has because he has a lot of them! I also signed him and I up for a sibling preparation class at the local hospital.

    I also let him pick out a stuff animal when we went to Disneyland for his little brother and he is so excited to wrap it up for him. I also plan on getting him a toy (Lego or something) from his little brother to him with a little card that says, "Looking forward to playing and sharing these with you one day". I may bring a Crayola Mess Free Marker/Coloring book thing to the hospital just in case. But I know my parents will probably give him something little when they come to visit.
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  • This is our second....but he has an older daughter from a prev marriage

    We opted NOT to buy the eldest anything for delivery.... and I don't see us purchasing anything for either older sibling this time.

    To be honest the eldest was so excited about the new baby I don't think she would have cared if we bought her something.

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    My oldest was 3.5 when his little brother was born so I got him a gift from little brother and it was mostly just activities he could do in the hospital. A movie, a stamp set and some treats. He actually LOVED it and played with the stamp set right away so I was glad I got it. 

    This time he is 5, and little brother is 22 months so I'm not sure what I'm going to do this time since the 22 month old is a little young to comprehend what's going on. I like the baby doll idea!
  • You guys are awesome with the ideas, thank you! DS does baby doll circle time at daycare/preschool, and loves pretending to diaper and put his babies "to bed" in our infant tub or rock n' play. I think I'll get him some stuff to do in the hospital, and definitely a cupcake. That way if he's anxious he'll at least come into the room for cake.
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  • Yes, I bought her a big sibling journal, a shirt that says "Promoted to Big Sister" , a frame and some little toys she's been wanting. I wrapped it and gave it to her at the baby shower. She loved it. 
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