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STM+ question: second chance do-overs


Re: STM+ question: second chance do-overs

  • I was pretty relaxed through my first pregnancy and the same so far. This time I was ask for help or take the help that is offered. I stay at home with dd and some days I forget I'm not superwoman. I do want to get this lo into a routine of sleeping in the crib or somewhere that's not my arms all day long. I am definitely exercising daily this time around and I feel good. Trying not to gain 60lbs this time! This time I will be more gracious and accept hand me downs. I do think we are not going team green this time which will be fun!  All in all there isn't a lot I would change. 
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    I will do a few things differently but overall DD is turning out to be a great spunky little girl :)
    1) bringing our own swaddle to the hospital. I'm not messing with that complicated swaddleing mess that we could never get tight enough. So we would be paging nurses all night because she was crying and we couldn't figure it out. Bringing my Velcro easy ones and being done with it
    2) not holding the baby the whole time. We basically never put her in the bassinet. DH was delirious from exhaustion and has videos of him with her in the middle of the night trying to stay awake. This baby can go in the bassinet at night to sleep when they aren't nursing!
    3) no sleeping in the Rock n'Play as now I know it is not a safe sleep position. I don't know how we would have survived last time without but we will have to figure it out. 
    4) Not jump into weights too soon and start with cardio as last time I jacked my back up and I think it was part using kettlebells too soon at home and part all the stupid crap I was doing from spinning babies like lying with my hips on the bed and shoulders on a stability ball for 20 min a day that did nothing. 
    5) Make freezer meals!!! Maybe even purchase some Sunbasket meals to be delivered for an easy dinner to make since hey do gluten free. 
    6) I've been able to exercise 5-6 days a week and am much more active at my jobs getting 12-15k steps a day and want to maintain this until the end. Last time I barely exercised and things were a mess between moving twice once cross country that it just didn't happen and then I hurt my groin on the job and couldn't do much. So would love to keep up the complete opposite experience this time which has been feeling great. 
    7) ETA: trying for a VBAC too and hope it happens for me! Hated my section last time for breech
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  • I'm going to try and enjoy this pregnancy. I have a photographer that is going to do a maternity and a newborn shoot, which I never got with my first two. I don't feel the kind of stress I had with my first two, possibly because I don't have a greedy, selfish grown child to worry about, in addition to the boy I already had.
    Birth: No c-section! I have a fabulous doctor who's completely on board for a VBAC and going into labor on my own. Definitely going for an epidural, but immediate skin-to-skin contact after birth, and nursing as soon as he or she is cleaned up.
    Infancy: I'm really going to try to exclusively breastfeed longer this time. I've always felt guilty I couldn't go longer than 3-4 months with my first two.
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