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40 weeks, cervix is 0-0

I am not dilated or effaced at all and over 40 weeks now. I thought baby would be here by now since I've had some blood pressure fluctuations. I'm scheduled for induction at 41 weeks (next Monday) and kind of bummed about it since I thought that baby would naturally make her arrival. Is it normal for baby not to be "ready" and require induction this late? I'm measuring 39.5-40" (belly) so I'm also hoping she won't be too large from staying in so long and doc doesn't seem concerned about this..
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Re: 40 weeks, cervix is 0-0

  • Totally normal, and anything can happen in a week. I had gone in on a Thursday and was maybe 1 cm dialated, scheduled for an induction on Tuesday. Ended up going into labor naturally on Sunday. Many FTM go late. And if it does come down to an induction, the important thing is that your baby arrives safely. It's tough to wait, but they will be here soon.
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  • The only thing "normal" about pregnancy is that nothing is "normal." 

    When you go in for your induction, ask if they have a peanut ball. It supposedly helps move things along. I used it with my last and about 30 minutes after they positioned it my water broke.

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  • I never dilated before labor and went into labor naturally at 39+6 (I had been to the doctor 4 days earlier and wasn't dilated at all yet).  My friend just had her first baby and had to be induced after walking around at 4cm for well over a week.  You just never know.
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  • I'm nervous that I'm going to have to be induced because I've heard it can make the contractions much more intense, especially the pitocin. :(
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  • I went into labor on my own, but was induced to get it restarted once it stalled. The contractions I had before pitocin were way more intense than the ones I had afterwards. Everyone is different.

    If you haven't already, I would suggest preparing yourself for intense contractions either way. Breathing techniques, pain management, etc. will help you get through it regardless of whether or not you are induced.

    However, as PPs have said, people can walk around for months dilated to 1 cm and have to be induced, and people who aren't dilated at all can go into labor at any time. My OB doesn't even do checks until you're in labor because she doesn't see the information as useful. Bottom line, if your doctor isn't worried, I wouldn't be either.
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  • When I had DS2, he was breech up until 39 weeks then flipped. I was over 40 weeks and still at 0-0 because I didn't have the pressure of baby's head in my cervix. My water ended up leaking, so I had to be induced. I went in with no contractions, 0-0 and had ds2 in 24 hours after going in. The induction wasn't bad, but I also opted for an epidural, so I didn't feel a lot of pain. 
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