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OBGYN who delivers at Hackensack or Morristown?

Hi! Looking for a recommendation for an OBGYN who delivers at Hackensack or Morristown? Thanks!

Re: OBGYN who delivers at Hackensack or Morristown?

  • I use Dr. Steer.  His office is down the road from Morristown hospital, and he is wonderful! Good Luck!
  • I am using Dr Gallo who delivers in Hackensack. Dr Rubenstein was also recommended to me and he delivers at Hackensack as well. 
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    @fuss0125 I am using Morristown OBGyn and will be consulting with Maternal-Fetal Medicine for a high risk OB. Did you end up finding someone?
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  • Dr Sarah Potash who delivers at Morristown 
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    I am using Mindful Midwifery. Dr. Walters and Kristin Mallon work collaboratively and deliver at HUMC. We switched late in the process (26 weeks) and I am high risk. My preference was always for a female doctor. The other doctors were males. 
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