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Anyone dealt with Cholestasis before?

Hello ladies!

I've been having this unbearable itch all over my body for about a week. It's mostly my legs, arms, and back. It's a mild itch during the day but at night it's unbelievable. I take Tylenol PM some nights and the itch still wakes me up. There's no rash or anything. I googled it and Cholestasis seemed to be the only explanation. I called my doctor and she just told me to take Benadryl. I brought up Cholestasis and she just kind of brushed it off. I've tried Benadryl, I've slathered myself in all kinds of lotions and oils, I've tried hydrocortisone cream NOTHING HELPS. My doctor really doesn't seem to care and I'm scared I'm gonna scratch my skin off. What should I do?

Re: Anyone dealt with Cholestasis before?

  • [Lurking]  I've had it twice; it's no fun.  Keep telling your doctor until she listens, or find another doc.  They should be doing blood draws to check your liver enzymes--sometimes the tests are inconclusive, though.

    They can prescribe ursodiol and/or maybe a few other things.  Be aggressive about getting the care you need, because sleep is pretty darn important!  How many weeks are you?

    Good luck.
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  • @illysha10, I had it with my first. If you think you have it you need to demand a Bile Acid test and if they refuse, find someone who will. ICP ( can be very dangerous to baby if untreated and baby goes to term. Good luck!

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