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Holiday/Christmas =)

How has it been for everyone? Share some pictures of those beautiful toddlers! Our babies are growing so fast  <3

Re: Holiday/Christmas =)

  • We only took videos on Christmas. He got a Elmo potty book and loves it 
  • @Mack2342 He's a doll! And LOVE the R2D2 chair!
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  • Jimmy Lee Honey Bee got a ball pit for Christmas <3
  • @AllyTheKid. Jimmy is adorable!  Looks like he's having a blast

  • Fun Christmas! Our babies are growing so fast!
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    Ladies your babies are adorable.
    ETA: Here is Lachlan feeding his sister: 

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  • @Kate08Young Awwww! ♡ 

    Our babies are toddlers now you guys... like, almost kids, what happened??
  • I wish we all magically lived near each other and could do play dates. Does that make me a creep? 
  • @AllyTheKid. Not at all.   I have thought that myself.  Most of my friends' kids are older since I'm in my 40s and got a late start.  It would be nice to have friends with kids my kid's age 
  • @Mack2342 Thank goodness I'm not just a weirdo then haha At this point in my life, it would be nice to have friends period...  :D

    But I feel you on having kids the same age, that makes everything much easier. And friends with toddlers understand if and when you have to cancel because you just can't adult on that level that day.
  • @AllyTheKid. Nope not the only weirdo lol I hear ya.... I moved to be with my husband so my friends are his friends wives while I love em they are not my girls! Nor do I have family here so no mom or sisters.  

    People forget what it's like to have a baby or toddler when their kids are older so they don't understand if you have to cancel 
  • @Mack2342 At least my brothers, sisters, and aunt who raised me are still nearby. I'd lose it if they weren't, I hate that you don't have that =( FI doesn't really have any friends either, so we just kind of just have each other. Which can be frustrating.
  • @AllyTheKid. I feel like I mostly just have DH which he is awesome but sometimes I just need my peeps lol.  I'm really close with my mom and sisters so thank goodness for FaceTime!!! It does help make it feel like I'm visiting with them plus they get to see my little one.   Glad your family is near...that is so nice! 
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