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7 month old not rolling tummy to back

My daughter is turning 7 months in a few days and I'm concerned about the fact that she cannot roll over from tummy to back on her own. Now the weird part is that she can very easily roll back to tummy, and has been consistently since she was 4 months old.  Just once she gets on her tummy she screams and bends her elbown with her head down  on the ground. When she tries to kick herself over from tummy to back her arm gets in the way, if that makes sense. No matter what toys I put on front of her to get her to put her arm straight forward, the second she moves to the side as if to turn she blocks herself again by bending her arm. She has rolled herself over, but I know it's always accodently. I'm concerned because I know she is trying to but she can't and I don't know what else to do to help her. She will lay there and scream and it breaks my heart. She has hit all other milestones just fine, she has been sitting on her own since 5.5 months and is even holding herself in a standing position on furniture. She also has no interest in crawling though as anything that involves her being on her tummy is the worst lol. Anyone else going through this or have any suggestions? Everywhere I search I see parents saying their child has problems with back to tummy, not tummy to back. Any guidance would be appreciated!!

Re: 7 month old not rolling tummy to back

  • Has she always hated tummy time? Have you tried tummy time in different ways, like different locations or on a c-shaped pillow? Did you ask your pediatrician about it at her 6 month check up?
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  • She always has fought us on tummy time. She also had mild torticollis at birth that we went to physical therapy for but she has ended that due to her progress. I've tried the c shaped pillow, exercise ball, on different surfaces  (including on me) and she can't be tricked into liking it. But she rolls herself onto her tummy within a minute of being placed on her back on the floor, then hate's it and screams and can't turn herself back. She can lift her head fine, she just gives up quickly and doesn't want to do it.  Her pediatrician wasn't concerned since she is constantly rolling from back to belly. She used to do the belly to back more months ago, just since then she hasn't.
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  • When she sits up does she ever lunge for toys? For some babies that's the pathway to crawling, and some babies scoot instead of crawl. If your pediatrician isn't worried, I wouldn't be. I know it's hard not to compare babies, but they're all different!
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  • we had the exact same problem with out DS. it would get extremely frustrating for all of us as he would get stuck on his tummy in his crib and scream until we went in and flipped him. he's great at rolling all over now and he's almost 8 months but it took him a long time to learn. my DH would practice with him like 10 times a day. we found it really helped to spread his body horizontally across our legs so his arms HAD to stay in front of him and unless he wanted his head to fall down he had to hold himself up. he definitely cried every time we did it for a little while but we just kept practicing until he got it. 
    but if you LO isn't getting stuck and is still reaching all the milestones I wouldn't worry. she might skip crawling all together if she hates it on her tummy so much! 
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